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Summary: Nepal’s New Agreement

Posted by Rosa Harris on December 24, 2007

The following are two posts from the “United We Blog” commentator. The first one is the most recent one.

Maoists Got What They Wanted: “Roundtable Conference!”
Posted on December 23rd, 2007 by UWB

prachanda_after_interaction1.jpgEmerging from the interaction, CPN Maoist Chairman Prachanda told reporters that the conference was in fact the roundtable conference his party had been demanding.

Interesting remarks by the comrade! So that was what all Maoist hue and cry of round table conference about? According to reports, an interaction program was organized this afternoon that was attended by a handful of ‘prominent’ civil society members and Seven-Party Alliance leaders.

During the interaction civil society personalities urged the SPA to stand united to hold the Constituent Assembly (CA) elections within the current Nepali year (mid-April 2008). Senior leaders of the major factions of the SPA who took part in the interaction program said that they took the suggestions positively.

A meeting of the top SPA leaders was slated for today afternoon at the PM’s official residence at Baluwatar to finalise the outstanding political issues. Sensing that the “authoritarian” SPA leaders were using them just to keep them as witnesses to unilateral decisions (or rather fulfill the Maoists demand of organizing the so called roundtable conference in the name of interaction), chairman of the Nepal Federation of Indigenous Nationalities, Pasang Sherpa walked out of the interaction.

But I think if the interaction makes Maoists happy, it’s fine. What’s the problem is giving a weeping child a sweet if that makes him happy. Today’s interaction is just a chocolate for the Maoists. We all know the real shots will be called by the SPA leaders themselves which is okay if they indeed decided to patch up and take the country out of this current deadlock and lead us towards elections.

Nepal Politics: Finally, a New Agreement?
Posted on December 22nd, 2007 by UWB

“The CA elections under the mixed electoral system: 60 percent of the 601-member CA will be elected under the proportional representation system and rest under first-past-the-post system. A conference of the civil society will be organized to save face of the Maoists. A steering committee will be formed to run the government, who will lead the body remains undecided. Maoists are demanding that they be give the leadership of the committee.”

The news is that the top leaders of the three major parties of the Seven-Party Alliance (SPA) have finalised the draft prepared by a taskforce (of SPA representatives) to evolve a 20-point agreement to address major contentious issues, including the electoral system for the Constituent Assembly (CA) elections. Prime Minister and the Nepali Congress (NC) President Girija Prasad Koirala, CPN-UML General Secretary Madhav Kumar Nepal and CPN Maoist Chairman Prachanda had met at the PM’s official residence at Baluwatar today morning to find an outlet to the festering political predicaments. The three leaders have also agreed to express commitment for a republican order in the interim constitution, which is to be endorsed by the elected CA.

They have also agreed to fix a new date to hold the twice-deferred CA elections by mid-April 2008 and to set up a steering committee to run the government, ekantipur reports citing unnamed sources. The major parties have also agreed on reallocation of the ministries, management of Maoist army, including those who were disqualified in the second stage of the verification, stepping up efforts to improve the condition of the Maoist cantonments, give immediate relief to the victims of the conflict and to find the whereabouts of the disappeared people. The meeting of the top SPA leaders has been scheduled for Sunday to give final touches to the agreement. (detail)

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