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Nepal: Forging a United Front Against Feudalism

Posted by Sole on January 2, 2008

This article appears in Issue #20 of The Red Star.

Awareness of Nationality and Development Campaign

The central committee meeting of Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) has decided to run an ‘awareness of nationality and development campaign’ for the next four months. The meeting has also approved the single document presented by Chairman Prachanda with the working policy ‘People’s Federal Democratic National Republic’.

Dharmendra Bastola, a central committee member of CPN (Maoist), said the party is going to carry out a campaign to solve the outstanding problems of nationality, democracy and livelihood.

The CC meeting that was held on various days from December 8 ended on December 15. The meeting also decided to form a newer front between the patriotic and republican forces. This decision has come at the time when Nepali Congress, some Madhesi parties and royalist elements are trying to form a ‘democratic alliance.’ This development shows the sharp polarization of two different forces.

Why did the CPN (Maoist) decide to make a republican front? Central committee member Dharmendra Bastola said, ‘the monarchy is finished but feudalism still exists. The feudal elements, in one way or another, want to bring back the old society and to keep the society under the status-quo. That means these elements are against the republic. In this, context it is very important to forge a united front against feudalism and comprador bureaucratic capitalism. Thus our party decided to form a united front with nationalist and republic forces.’

The meeting has also changed the responsibilities of various leaders and their working areas. After the meeting, the central headquarter comprises of Chairman Prachanda and the second leader Com. Kiran. Com. Kiran is also handling the post of organisational bureau chief. Central secretariat members Netra Bikram Chand and Barsa Man Pun will oversee the sister and professional organizations of the party.

Party senior leader and CA member Post Bahadur Bogati is now the chief party whip for the legislature and Dinanath Sharma is now party spokesperson.

Likewise, responsibilities of state bureaus are also slightly changed. According to the meeting Ram Karki is in Limbuwan, Haribol Gajurel in Kochila, Indramohan Sigdel in Kirat, Matrika Yadav in Mithila, Chandra Prasad Khanal in Bhojpura, Agni Sapkota in Tamsaling, Hitraj Pandey in Tamuwan, Heman Prakash Oli in Magarant, Hari Bhakta Kandel in Tharuwan, Devendra Poudel in Abadh, Khadag Bahadur BK in Bheri-Karnai, Dharmendra Bastola in Seti-Mahakali and CP Gajurel in the international bureau.

The meeting has also decided to conclude the unification with Communist Party of Nepal (Unity Center-Mashal) within a month. The Unity Centre-Mashal is holding its national convention that will decide the unification with CPN (Maoist). Dharmendra Bastola, said that unity with revolutionary parties and organizations is a historical demand to accomplish the new democratic revolution and establish a new Nepal. He further added, ‘In this context, the unity of revolutionaries is very essential. The Party unity among various revolutionary groups will meet this challenge.’

The central committee has also enhanced the party statue and code of conduct for Constituent Assembly members of the legislature.

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