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Nepal’s Maoists: On Their Tactics and Creative Marxism

Posted by Rosa Harris on February 5, 2008

tikapur_nepal_2005.jpgOur ongoing discussion of the Nepali Maoists — their tactics and their underlying thinking — can now take a new leap based on this new material. Kasama site is going to start publishing major articles from the Worker #11 which has gathered diverse articles on burning questions that face the world revolution. We will publish a new piece every few days — giving everyone some time to digest and debate each of them in turn. (Thanks to Single Spark for all the hard work done in making this available.)

Let’s focus our discussion in one common thread — so please post your comments there.

New Tactics: challenges and opportunities

By Com. Gaurav, The Worker #11, Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist), July 2007, pp. 11-14.

We have to make revolution at the point of time when there is neither socialist block or socialist base nor even a socialist state to support the revolution from out side. However, it is not the first time in the history of the world proletarian revolution that this type of situation our class, the proletariat and the oppressed people of the world had to encounter with. When our class threw itself in a great adventure of overthrowing the rule of bourgeoisie by making revolution in a capitalist country, which gave birth to Paris Commune, an exemplary event in the entire history of mankind, had no scope of acquiring support from any state from out side.

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