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News: Nepal’s Maoists Revive Revolutionary People’s Council

Posted by Rosa Harris on February 7, 2008

Maoists in NepalThis news report is not yet confirmed from other directions. (Thanks to Scott for forwarding this.)

KATHMANDU, Feb 6 [Kantipur Report] In a surprising turn of events CPN-Maoist Wednesday announced that it would revive the United Revolutionary People’s Council (URPC)—a wartime structure it had dissolved a few months back– to address the problems face by the general public.The URPC, the self-claimed Maoists’ parallel governing mechanism, was in function alongside the state governance during over a decade-long armed conflict.

According to Maoists, the URPC will resolve the problems faced by the people and supporting the infrastructure development as the local bodies could not be restructured as per the Comprehensive Peace Agreement and the Interim Constitution.

The URPC central committee meeting held Monday and Tuesday took the decision. However, the former rebels have claimed that the URPC will not be a “parallel government”. The Maoists have also decided to launch an integrated election campaign, mobilising the people and consolidating the party’s base as parts of its election programmes starting February 14. Similarly, the Maoists will be running a “model programme” for “model integrated development programme” in every village and municipal center of its 11 autonomous republican state and two sub-states.

Following a series of central committee meetings from July 31-August 15 last year, the Maoists had decided to divide Nepal into 11 main autonomous states: Seti-Mahakali, Thauruwan, Bheri-Karnali, Magaraat, Tamuwaan, Tambashaling, Newa, Madhesh, Kirat, Limbhuwaan and Kochila. While the Madhesh was further divided into Mithila, Bhojpura and Awadh sub-state committees.The party had also decided to form five new central bureaus to replace the six wartime commands while Maoist Chairman Prachanda was handed over the charge of the Maoist army bureau along with its youth front, Young Communist League (YCL), afterwards.

The latest central committee meeting of the party also restructured the URPC central committee.

Maoists leaders Communication Minister Krishna Bahadur Mahara and Local Development Minister Dev Gurung have been appointed joint-coordinators in the 37-member council led by Dr. Baburam Bhattarai, the party release stated today.

On February 4, the SPA steering committee had decided not to set up a new mechanism to run the local bodies before the CA elections so as to create an environment to step up dialogue process with agitating parties and groups in Terai.

UNMIN expresses serious concern

United Nations Mission in Nepal (UNMIN) has expressed serious concern over the Maoist decision to revive its United Revolutionary People’s Council.

At an interaction programme in the capital today, UNMIN chief Ian Martin said if the Maoists are planning to revive the mechanism of the parallel governance, then it is a breach of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement. However, he added that the UNMIN’s official stand would be publicised only after he gets clarification over the issue from the Maoist leadership.

Similarly, he also said that the major challenges before the Constituent Assembly elections were to address the genuine demands of agitating groups in Madhes and other areas and improving the state of peace and security.

2 Responses to “News: Nepal’s Maoists Revive Revolutionary People’s Council”

  1. nhorning said

    I can confirm that the URPC Banner was up at the Pokhara Maoist office as of December 2008. Thats all the independent information I have.

  2. nhorning said

    that should read December 2007, and might I add that the URPC flag is quite recognizable. It’s a big white star on a red background with 5 little white stars at the points.

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