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Nepal’s Maoists: Revolutions Can’t Be Copied, Only Developed

Posted by Rosa Harris on February 8, 2008

Worker #11Our ongoing discussion of the Nepali Maoists — their tactics and their underlying thinking — can now take a new leap based on this new material. Kasama site is going to start publishing major articles from the Worker #11 which has gathered diverse articles on burning questions that face the world revolution. We will publish a new piece every few days — giving everyone some time to digest and debate each of them in turn.This is the second piece we have posted from Worker #11. (Thanks to Single Spark for making this available.)

Our discussion is focused in one thread here.

No revolution can be replicated but developed

By Basanta , The Worker #11, Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist), July 2007, pp. pp. 15-24.

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