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Sri Lankan Maoists’ Thousand Flowers: Some Notes on Method

Posted by Rosa Harris on February 23, 2008

sri_lanka_charts_76.jpgKasama has received a new theoretical journal “Thousand Flowers” created by Maoist forces in Sri Lanka We plan to publish a few articles from it here online, and work with others to make the whole issue available. (Thanks to Maoist Revolution list.) Read over the table of contents and share with us which essays you think are most important to post and discuss.

Some Notes On Method Of Analysis and Presentation:

The method adopted here is to

1) Draw a sweep of history and to situate the proletarian revolution and Communism in its universal context,

2) Evaluate the role and contribution of Comrade Shan in serving and advancing the proletarian revolution and the cause of Communism, and

3) Draw a line of demarcation between scientific proletarian revolution and bourgeois revisionist counter-revolution, between Marxism-Leninism-Maoism and Revisionism.

Let us try to engage in a serious discussion – although in a somewhat free flowing way, so we can try to spread wings and soar like eagles while being aimed at the target. That is to say, so we can move back and forth from the abstract to the concrete, from the general to the specific, from perceptions to conceptions, advance from partial, fragmented, distorted, subjective knowledge to rational scientific objective knowledge, move from illusion and appearance to reality and essence, from ignorance to knowledge, from false consciousness to class consciousness. The flow of the discussion may tend to be discursive and even repetitive. Major crucial points will be emphasized over and over again. At the end of the exercise we would have crossed a bridge by making a radical rupture with revisionism and a conscious leap to becoming true communist revolutionaries and prepare ourselves for the revolution.

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