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Nepal: Maoists are Not Terrorists!

Posted by Rosa Harris on April 20, 2008

Kasama received the following note together with this article:

“I think it raises an important question in terms of our responsibilities to create pressure to have the terrorist designation lifted.”

‘Nepal Maoists in talks with US to remove terrorist tag’

Kathmandu (PTI): Nepal Maoists, who are named as a terrorist organisation by the
US government, are in talks with American officials to get Washington to remove
the “terrorist tag” from the former rebels, now tipped to head the next
government in the Himalayan state.

“We are trying to establish close links with the U.S…talks are going on in
several fronts in this regard,” said C P Gajurel, a central committee member of
the Communist Party of Nepal-Maoist.

“We are requesting them (United States) to remove the terrorist tag that they
have maintained on our party…our doors are always open to all US officials if
they want to talk to us,” Gajurel, who is also chief of the international bureau
of the party, was quoted as saying by the Telegraph Nepal online on Saturday.

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Prachanda: Nepal’s Maoist Leader and His Work

Posted by Rosa Harris on April 20, 2008

PrachandaPrachanda, the leader of the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) is now poised to become the president of Nepal. And he is emerging as the most prominent and influential Maoist leader in the world. However there has been, so far, little in depth study of his views (of the Marxist synthesis known as Prachanda Path). We would like to offer some of Prachanda’s essays and interviews, and analyses written by other Maoists leaders about Prachanda Path. (Thanks to the Learn from Nepal site for gathering these materials online.)

Prachanda from Problems and Prospects of Revolution in Nepal (2004)

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