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Ethnicity and Maoism in Nepal

Posted by Mike E on April 24, 2008

by Gilles Boquérat

Gilles Boquerat is a researcher associated with Center for Indian and South Asian Studies, Paris. Currently based as visiting scholar at the Institute of Strategic Studies, Islamabad. Our South Asia Revolution site will reprint substantive articles providing useful background to studies of the revolutions of South Asia. Posting such articles here does not mean agreement with their views. This article was written two years ago, before several significant new developments related to questions of nationality in Nepal..

A decade ago, in February 1996, the “People’s War” was launched in Nepal. In a relatively short period of time, the Maoist movement made its presence felt in almost each of the 75 districts of Nepal. Such headway cannot just be explained by the overall disappointment vis-à-vis the high expectations ensuing from the end of the autocratic monarchy and the return to a multiparty democracy in 1990. Political instability resulting from party infighting caused by personal rivalries and limited opportunities for socio-economic advancement for a relatively fast expanding population have quelled the enthusiasm of those who expected a government more responsive to people’s legitimate needs. Popular resentment just waited to be exploited by a movement substituting a radical discourse to a reformist agenda which also failed to usher in a more egalitarian social order diluting the traditional Bahun (Brahmin)-Chhetri (Kshatriya) dominance. On the receiving end are the ethnic groups whose grievances have at least received a greater echo post-1990. After reviewing the status of the indigenous people in the Nepalese society and polity, this paper will analyse the role of the ethnic communities in the development of the Maoist movement, keeping in mind that their concerns have to be addressed by whoever is ruling the roost in Kathmandu.

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May 2004: Overview of Nepal’s Revolution

Posted by Mike E on April 24, 2008

Paper Presented By The Anti-Imperialist Revolutionary Forum Nepal At The International Communist Seminar on 2-4 May 2004. This was a forum where various forces expressed their views on key dividing line issues of communist theory and history. It gives a sense of the way the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) addresses those questions.

Dear Comrades, We would like to extend our heartfelt greeting on behalf of the revolutionary masses of Nepal while we are gather here in a seminar in a very important, very timely and very burning issue of the present day.

The Nepalese revolutionary masses have been confronting the US imperialism since very initiation of the People’s War. In the present days, while the US occupation and people’s resistance has been going on in Iraq and Afghanistan, and while its aggression has been going on against the people of Philippines, Peru, Haiti, Korean Peninsula and other parts of the world, its political intervention and military concentration over Nepal has been intensified. Despite the US has been facing a political offensive before the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist), the vanguard of the international Proletariat, and military offensive by its lackey – feudal Gyanendra Shah, the US has been preparing to increase its military offensive against People’s War, aiming at to establish strategic military bases, encircling China and watching over India. While dozens of best son and daughters fighting for destruction of the feudalism and imperialism have been killed and dozens of Maoist leaders and cadres including comrade Kiran, comrade Gauravm Comrade Matrika and comrade Suresh (the Standing Committee and Central committee members) are arrested by India and some are in prison and many extradited to Nepal, this International Communist Seminar on very burning issue on the topics of Strategy and Tactics against Global US War has been organised here. We would like to extend our heartfelt greeting to the organiser, the PTB and a lot thanking for giving us opportunity to express our views on this issue. We will concentrate our views on this very subject. Read the rest of this entry »

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