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Intrigues against the Maoist Exercise of Power

Posted by Mike E on April 27, 2008

From a number of sides, previously powerful parties in Nepal are making demands that would effectively prevent the Maoists from leading radical political and social change in Nepal. Their demands which openly oppose the results (and mandate) of the April 10 election are intended to rally counterrevolutionary forces in the society (and the official army) in a stand against the revolution’s advance.

IN one prominent example, Shankar Pokharel (a leader of the CPUML, a conservative party with a communist name) said that the next government could be formed under nominal Maoist leadership but the power should be diluted (and neutralized) by giving the posts of president, Prime Minister and chair of Constituent Assembly (CA) to other parties.

Meanwhile the pro-Indian Congress Party is being put forward to continue to run the country — even after its clear defeat.

Talking to journalists at a tea reception hosted by newly elected CA member and NC leader Prakash Man Singh, former prime minister Sher Bahadur Deuba said the NC should continue to lead the coalition government

“The Maoists are the largest single party but they don’t have the necessary majority to change the government. And the constitution says the government should be run through  consensus among the seven parties,” said Deuba. Deuba further clarified his party’s preference: “Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala has played a key role in bringing the peace process to this stage and in successfully holding the constituent assembly election. So we think he should lead the government in future as well.”

In reply the Maoist Leader Janardan Shrma ‘Prabhakar’ (picture) said in reply that the Maoists would lead the next government under leadership of chairman Prachanda. He challenged other political parties to say that they would not respect the people’s verdict if they want to continue to lead the government.

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