Revolution in South Asia

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Welcome to Revolution in South Asia!

Posted by Mike E on April 27, 2008

This RevSA site will be developed, as rapidly as possible, as a lively and interesting resource focused on the Maoist revolutions of South Asia — including breaking news, documents, analysis, and key controversies.

Please join us in this internationalist informational effort! There are many ways you can help this effort around RevsA:

  • Promote this new website — link to it from your own site,s email the url to interested people, post this announcement on relevant discussion boards/lists. All people interested in radical change need to know about these important revolutionary movements.
  • Use this site to raise your own understanding of the issues and controversies surrounding of these Maoist “New Democratic” revolutions.
  • Help us uncover substantive materials to post here. The RevsA site will not be limited to cheerleading: We will post critical articles and the charges of the revolution’s enemies. We want explore the differences and debates developing among the revolutionaries — as they face difficult choices and dare to propose unexpected solutions. we hope to provide readers with an many-sided sense of these living conflicts. Please email us if you know of material we should post — including those you have written yourself.
  • Make your own comments on the materials and controversies posted on RevSA.
  • Please get in touch right away if you are interested in helping in an ongoing way. We need to be developing posters, flyers, teach-in materials, study guides and other online materials. We are planning public event at campuses. And we need help moderating and maintaining the new site.

Events are moving quickly in Nepal, in unpredictable ways. There are several armed forces in the field, and the broad Nepali populations is mobilized to transform Nepali society — with very high expectations. The future is unwritten.

The possibility of deepening revolutionary crisis and the danger of counterrevolutionary action all demand that we act quickly and boldly.

6 Responses to “Welcome to Revolution in South Asia!”

  1. Sam said

    Can we make an RSS feed for this site?

  2. Congratulations, Mike! You and the crew you are working with have moved faster than I would have thought possible to create this resource. Right on time, too, as we used to say.

    Please fell free to purloin and repost any South Asia-related materials from Fire on the Mountain, of course.

  3. Mike E said

    sam: we added rss feeds just now. Thanks for the idea.

  4. Mike E said

    We are moving quickly to transfer posts related to India and Nepal from the Kasama site, here to the RevSA site.
    That includes a number of important interviews from Fire on the Mountain.

    However it would help a great deal if you (and all readers) would either post links here… so we can post them quickly — or else email them to our new email address.

    We are especially wanting to have both news and substantive background materials on both Nepal and India.

  5. the cold lamper said


    The RCP’s latest AWTWNS reprint on Nepal includes this brief forward:

    “We are posting the following articles about the recent elections in Nepal from A World To Win News Service for our readers’ information. As events unfold we will have further analysis of these important developments.”

    As in, the RCP will be publishing its own analysis of Nepal for the first time in two years? Am I reading this correctly?

  6. Sam said

    I think it’s only natural. They are feeling pressure from the Kasama project. Of course they would never admit it because “they [Kasama] have absolutely nothing positive to offer”.

    More damage control.

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