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Nepal May First: Warnings of Counter-Revolution Conspiracies

Posted by Mike E on May 2, 2008

At the May First rally in Nepal’s capital Kathmandu, Maoist leader Krishna Bahadur Mahara warned thatconspiracies being hatched by power centers from within and outside the country to prevent the Maoist revolutionaries from coming to power. [Originally post on Democracy and Class Struggle]

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Addressing a May Day rally of workers in the capital, Thursday, Maoist spokesperson and Minister for Information and Communication Krishna Bahadur Mahara said, “Our first option is to form a government under our leadership in alliance with other parties. If they refuse to be part of such government, we are prepared to form government on our own. If they obstruct us in this also, then we will come before you and do whatever you say.”

He said there were conspiracies being hatched by power centers from within and outside the country to prevent them from coming to power.

“Whether such centers are inside the country or outside, we want to tell them that while they tried to teach us about peace and democracy, they need to learn it themselves,” he said, referring to the democratic practice of allowing the single largest party to form a government. The Maoists had emerged as the single largest party bagging 220 out of 575 seats in the Constituent Assembly election.

Mahara also ruled out demands for disbanding his party’s youth wing Young Communist League (YCL). “The people have already endorsed our YCL through the mandate they gave us in the election,” he said.

Mahara said ‘nationalism and republic’ will be the new mantra for the Maoists.

Earlier, addressing the same programme, YCL president Ganesh Pun had said that it was because the YCL ‘kept their cool as per the directive of party chairman,’ that the election passed peacefully. “The YCL will now immerse itself in the building of new Nepal,” he said.

Addressing the programme, president of All Nepal Trade Union Federation (ANTUF) Shalikram Jammarkattel, said that rights and interests of workers will be ensure in the new constitution to be drafted through Constituent Assembly (CA

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