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India’s Hawks Support Coup Against Nepal Maoists

Posted by Mike E on May 4, 2008

By J. Sri Raman (t r u t h o u t | Perspective)

Friday 02 May 2008 — Nepal has belied prophecies of a post-election upheaval. All sections of the Himalayan nation and its political spectrum would appear to have accepted the Maoist victory in the polls to the Constituent Assembly (CA). None has rejected the results – not even the royal camp – at least in public.

This, however, cannot be said of some quarters in India. Demands have been raised within Nepal’s proudly democratic neighbor for action by New Delhi to undo the outcome of the CA elections.

The most outrageous demand is one for covert official support for a military coup in Nepal. And it has come from a security expert who can be presumed to speak for influential sections in India’s intelligence establishment as well.

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