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Indian to Nepalese Maoists: don’t Get Dizzy with Success

Posted by Mike E on May 5, 2008

‘Nepal Maoists must concentrate on continuing the class struggle’

by K. Srinivas Reddy (from The Hindu)

“It is possible only when they do not become part of government”
“Be wary of the possibility of coups, assassinations”
“They would be powerless to effect radical changes in Constitution”

HYDERABAD: In a shift from their earlier stand on the Nepalese developments, Indian Maoists maintain that the current situation in the neighbouring country provides immense possibilities for carrying forward the revolutionary programme by relying on the masses and carrying out the class struggle, while utilising the State.

However, such a scenario will be possible only when the Maoist leadership in Nepal does not become part of the government but concentrates on continuing the class struggle, says Azad, Maoist spokesman in India.

In a statement on Wednesday, the CPI (Maoist) Central Committee described the electoral victory of the Communist Party of Nepal (CPN) as “a verdict against feudal monarchy, Indian expansionism and U.S. imperialism.” Cautioning them “not to become dizzy with success” and to be wary of the possibility of coups and assassinations, the committee said the real test would begin once the CPN took over the reins of power.

The Maoist party was of the firm view that radical restructuring of the system would not be possible without militant mobilisation of masses. Such systemic changes could not be brought about through State decrees and laws.

With the Nepal Maoists lacking a majority in the Constituent Assembly, they would be powerless to effect radical changes in the Constitution.

There were only two alternatives — either to compromise and adjust with reactionary forces or to mobilise people and intensify struggle through all means, including armed insurrection. The CPN should be fully prepared to confront coup attempts, assassinations, artificial scarcity of goods through economic blockades and sabotage by inimical forces that included India and the U.S, the Maoist party said.

While sending their “fraternal revolutionary greetings,’ Indian Maoists reminded the CPN leaders that very limited gains could be achieved by a government which came to power through elections.

“Survival of such a regime depends on taking a conciliatory stand on several crucial matters. Hence to overestimate the prospects of radical restructuring of the society or economy by a Maoist government would be illusory,” the statement said.

12 Responses to “Indian to Nepalese Maoists: don’t Get Dizzy with Success”

  1. Nhorning said

    It appears that they are in principled disagreement rather than at each other’s throats.

  2. zerohour said

    “Cautioning them “not to become dizzy with success” and to be wary of the possibility of coups and assassinations…”

    This is kind of insulting isn’t it?

  3. the cold lamper said

    It sure seems that way…then again, given how many (real of self-proclaimed) communists have abjectly failed to understand such threats historically, the Indian comrades may just think “better safe than sorry”.

    BTW, I thought Azad was killed? Did I miss something?

  4. Lost Artemio said

    Is the statement from CPI M available in it’s entirety anywhere online yet?

  5. Ka Frank said

    According to a reliable source, the Com. Azad who was killed in a so-called encounter with Indian forces was a different Azad. He was a CPI (Maoist) state committee member, not the Azad who is a Politbureau member and issues important statements for the Central Committee.

  6. Sam said

    The statement seems contradictory. Part of it seems like a warning (not condescending), but the other part seems like they’re just saying things the Nepalese have obviously already considered many times over.

  7. NSPF said

    It seems to me that there is a steady (and quite possibly orchestrated) increase in daily intimidation/provocation by assasination of the Maoist activists in different areas.

    I don’t think its condescending of the indian c’s to tell the nepalese c’s to watch your back, though they could have made a better case using different words. this is a (not so) hidden aspect of the reported statement. I would like to read the original statement for the other more critical aspect.

  8. Nando said

    yes, as a matter of method: we should find and study the ACTUAL statement before having critical commentary. Accepting such things as filtered through hostile press is a bad habit.

    Can someone please find and post the actual statement being discussed?

  9. Indian said

    How do I attach a pdf file to this comment. I would like to post the Indian Maoist statement in this blog.

  10. Jaroslav said

    About the PDF: I don’t know if that can be done, but an alternate idea is that you can use some other method to put it online somewhere, & post the link here; also you can copy-paste the text. Thanks in advance, looking forward to reading it.

  11. n3wday said

    You can also email it to a moderator to post.

  12. n3wday said

    BTW, sorry for all the nick changes everyone this is Sam S. (also SS) the name was already taken in WordPress.

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