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Maps of Nepal

Posted by Mike E on May 8, 2008

Several readers have suggested posting information about Nepal. Here are a series of maps that illustrate some details that country, its society and its relationships with surrounding countries .

Nepal population density

Detailed Nepal Map (1.5 meg)

Nepal nationalities

Nepal’s mountains and glaciers from space

Nepal Locator 1

Nepal Locator 2

Nepal Locator 3

Nepal Locator 4

Nepal Locator 5

Nepal Locator 6

Nepal Locator 7

Nepal relief maps

4 Responses to “Maps of Nepal”

  1. Anon said

    Very cool, much thanks.

  2. Nice job keep it up . Best wishes for the further maintanence of blog

  3. ametya said

    Thank You for giving information abt Nepal

  4. Priya Rai Aale said

    Thumbs up for you and this web..

    My husband is a nepali

    May be thts why i love nepal so much.

    Thank you.

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