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State Dept: Nepal Maoists Were Never on U.S. Terror List

Posted by Mike E on May 17, 2008

This from Telegraph-Nepal:

“The Deputy Spokesperson for the US State Department, Tom Casey, talking to journalists on Wednesday May 15, 2008, made it clear that the Nepal Maoists had never been a “foreign terrorist organization,” as designated; they were rather in the “terrorist exclusion list” that has implications on consular issues, visas and other kinds of matters.”

This is a rather startling claim after the U.S. government and its representatives have denounced the Maoists as terrorists for years. For example here is a State Department statement from just last week:

“Although the Government of Nepal no longer considers the Maoists to be terrorists, the U.S. Government’s designation of the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) as a “Specially Designated Global Terrorist” organization under Executive Order 13224 and its inclusion on the “Terrorist Exclusion List” pursuant to the Immigration and Nationality Act remain in effect. These two designations make Maoists excludable from entry into the United States and bar U.S. citizens from transactions such as contribution of funds, goods, or services to, or for the benefit of, the Maoists. “

The fact that the Maoists of Nepal are designated as “terrorists” in any way remains a lie and an outrage. More to come as all this gets clarified.


US says Maoists never on terrorist watch-list

Kantipur Report

KATHMANDU, May 15 – With the former rebels CPN-Maoist poised to head the new government, the US has declared that the party was never included in its “foreign terrorist organisation” and its relations with Nepal will depend on the actions of the individuals included in the new government.The US has hinted a rethink of its Nepal policy following the victory of the former guerillas, CPN-Maoist, in the historical Constituent Assembly (CA) elections held here last month.The former rebels Maoist have, however, been included on the ‘terrorist exclusion list’ that applies to consular issues, visas and other kinds of matter, State Department Spokesperson Tom Casey told reporters in Washington yesterday, making an elusive distinction between the two categories for the first time.

Although the US accepted the CA polls verdict, Casey indicated that the US government still needs to have a clear stance on whether to change the Maoist’s status on the ‘terrorist exclusion list’.

Regarding the meeting held between the US Ambassador to Nepal Nancy J Powell and Maoist Chairman Prachanda on May 1, the US senior government official said that the meeting was principally to get assurances that the US humanitarian programmes will not be interfered with…

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