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Revolutionary Literature and the Maoist Advance in Nepal

Posted by Mike E on May 22, 2008

by Florentino A. Iniego, JR

Iniego is a Fellow of the Asian Scholarship Foundation and presently affiliated with the Center for Nepal and Asian Studies, Tribhuvan University (CNAS-TU). this article appeared under the name “The role of revolutionary literature on the Maoist Victory” on Maoist Revolution.

Another way of understanding the Communist Party of Nepal-Maoist’ s victory is to study its revolutionary literature. As a researcher from the Philippines, I have been struggling to learn the Nepali language to grasp the poems and songs of the Maoist movement. For months of exposure, interaction, and reading translations of works from the books published by writers of the All-Nepal Cultural Association, I realized that from the turbulent thirteen years of the people’s war the Maoist literature stands out to be one of the dynamic dimensions of Nepali literature.

There is no doubt that the CPN-Maoist’s victory in the CA election had shocked the monarchy, the traditional politicians (e.g. Nepali Congress), and revisionist parties (e.g. Communist Party of Nepal-United Marxist Leninist). Even the mass media were extremely wrong in insisting that the Maoist will loose because of the high-handedness of the Youth Communist League. A “hardly surprised” columnist was a Johny-come-lately to found out that the Maoist triumph was due to their organizing skills. Others say it is because of their “catchy” slogans. While some “gave the Maoist a chance” because of the guaranteed vision of achieving a rapid economic growth within a decade.

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