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Introducing: Kasama Threads

Posted by Mike E on May 25, 2008

We have added a new feature to our site: Kasama Threads.

We have created it for one basic purpose: It allows folks to create their own threads and discussions.

Now you can post news articles, announcements, documents, reviews, comments — and start discussions around them. We encourage everyone to post important and interesting things. And dig into the debates.

The news forum on Kasama Threads can become an online newspaper. — if we all post breaking news as we learn about it. Post an article a day.

We will continue to develop the original Kasama blog itself — it is dedicated to debates about major issues. But meanwhile the new Kasama Threads allows many issues (history? films, books and video games? etc) to be explored at once.

There is a Glossary forum within Kasama threads — if you run into a political term you don’t know, post it there. And if you are able to help define these terms, post your definitions.

You want to be a moderator and driving force behind one of these forums? Volunteer and dig in.

Finally, help us promote Kasama Threads — so many people join in.

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