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On Eve of Nepal CA: Counterrevolution rears ugly head

Posted by Mike E on May 26, 2008

Lost_Artemio post this article from Nepal News. May 26 08

Twin blasts in front of BICC

Two bombs went off Monday afternoon in front of the Birendra International Convention Centre (BICC) at Naya Baneshwor, where the Constituent Assembly (CA) is to convene on Wednesday.

The blasts occurred simultaneously at the southern gate of the BICC at around 5:15 pm, but there was no human casualty or any damage of property.

Eyewitnesses said two persons on a motorbike hurled the explosives and scurried away.

Police said pamphlets found near the blast scene indicated that the blasts were carried out by a little-known Hindu fundamentalist outfit called Ranabir Sena.

Massive numbers of security personnel have been mobilised in the area following the blasts. Newly elected CA members are to be sworn in amid a ceremony at the BICC tomorrow.

The blasts occurred hours after the prohibitory orders issued by the local administration around the BICC and some other strategic locations came into effect.

5 Responses to “On Eve of Nepal CA: Counterrevolution rears ugly head”

  1. hegemonik said

    Some background on Ranabir Sena:

    Evidently, they are active in Bihar, India, and have fought Naxal forces there.

  2. Lost Artemio said

    The Hindu fundamentalist group Ranibar Sena has claimed responsibillity for a second bombinb in Kathmandu. Here is the article from Nepal News

    Five injured in blast at Ratna Park

    At least five persons were injured in a bomb blast at Ratna Park in central Kathmandu Tuesday evening.

    The explosion occurred at around 4:30 pm, near the venue of a cultural programme organised by the civil society to welcome the republic.

    Two seriously injured persons have been taken to nearby Bir Hospital for treatment. Police said manhunt for those involved in the blast has begun.

    A little known Hindu fundamentalist outfit Ranabir Sena has claimed responsibility for the blast.

    The explosion took place couple of hours after the constituent assembly members were sworn in. The same group had detonated two crude bombs in front of the Birendra International Convention Centre (BICC) on Monday. ia May 27

  3. Lost Artemio said

    Breaking News- 2 More bombs explode as the CA is about to convene. Report from Nepal News

    Blasts outside CA meeting venue (8:29pm)

    Unidentified persons detonated two bombs outside the Birendra International Convention Centre in Baneshwor, the venue of the Constituent Assembly (CA) meeting, Wednesday evening.

    The first blast occurred near the western gate of the BICC at around 8:00 pm while another bomb went off ten minutes later. At least four people including a senior police official were injured in the incident.

    Our correspondent present at the BICC premises said the noise of the blasts could be clearly heard from inside the Assembly hall.

    Thousands of people had gathered outside the BICC to cheer the announcement of republic by the first CA meeting.

    The bombs occurred just before the Assembly was about to get underway.

    Similarly, one person was injured in a blast at Khula Manch, central Kathmandu, Wednesday evening.

    It is not known who carried out the blast, but police officials said the Hindu fundamentalist outfit called Ranabir Sena that had taken responsibility for the blasts on Monday and Tuesday could be behind this.

    The injured person has been taken to the nearly Bir Hospital for treatment. mk/rh May 28 08

  4. hegemonik said

    The report here says at least one suspect has been arrested:

  5. hegemonik said

    Also, for those who wish to follow a rather “just the facts ma’am” description, UWB has a ticker of the proceedings on the floor:

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