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Major Change Comes to Nepal: The End of a Monarchy

Posted by Mike E on May 28, 2008

Reports as events unfold:

In nepali, but with video scenes:

Nepal on verge of entering new era

KATHMANDU, May 28 – After a nearly eight-hour delay, Wednesday’s much-anticipated first Constituent Assembly (CA) is about to kick off at the Birendra International Convention Centre (BICC) in the capital.
The CA, elected through the landmark elections held last month, will formally announce the implementation of the federal democratic republic system in the country, ending the 240-year-old institution of monarchy.

In a meeting held at Baluwatar in the run-up-to the first CA sitting, the ruling Seven-Party alliance (SPA) agreed on a provision of a constitutional president who will be entrusted to execute his duties on the recommendations of the cabinet.

The 601-member CA will be entrusted with the responsibility of writing a new constitution and ushering the country to a new era.

Blasts outside CA meeting venue (8:29pm)

Unidentified persons detonated two bombs outside the Birendra International Convention Centre in Baneshwor, the venue of the Constituent Assembly (CA) meeting, Wednesday evening.

The first blast occurred near the western gate of the BICC at around 8:00 pm while another bomb went off ten minutes later. At least four people including a senior police official were injured in the incident.

Our correspondent present at the BICC premises said the noise of the blasts could be clearly heard from inside the Assembly hall.

Thousands of people had gathered outside the BICC to cheer the announcement of republic by the first CA meeting.

The bombs occurred just before the Assembly was about to get underway.

Similarly, one person was injured in a blast at Khula Manch, central Kathmandu, Wednesday evening.

It is not known who carried out the blast, but police officials said the Hindu fundamentalist outfit called Ranabir Sena that had taken responsibility for the blasts on Monday and Tuesday could be behind this.

The injured person has been taken to the nearly Bir Hospital for treatment.

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