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Monarchy Overthrown, Nepal Becomes a Federal Democratic Republic

Posted by Mike E on May 30, 2008

Account from Democracy and Class Struggle

Royalist Flag Pulled Down over Palace

After continuous pressure rallies by excited crowds of people, authorities have finally put up the national flag at the Narayanhiti palace where the royal flag used to fly until this morning.

The flag hoisting was done at 7:40 pm without any formal ceremony. The royal flag was removed from the main building this morning.

There were protests in and around Durbar Marg from early morning demanding that the government put up the national flag at the palace.

The Constituent Assembly had yesterday declared Nepal a federal democratic republic and instructed the government to order Gyanendra Shah to vacate the palace within 15 days.

The CA had also passed a motion introduced by the government to turn the sprawling palace into a national museum.The meeting of the political committee of the cabinet held on Thursday evening decided to dispatch a letter notifying the ex-King Gyanendra about the deadline of 15 days to evacuate the Narayanhity royal palace.

The meeting decided to dispatch the letter by Friday morning notifying about the decision of the first meeting of Constituent Assembly on Wednesday regarding the implementation of republic.

One Response to “Monarchy Overthrown, Nepal Becomes a Federal Democratic Republic”

  1. NSPF said

    Couldn’t help but notice the two army offcers holding a red banner that says “restricted area”. Interesting choice of color for the ex-royal army. I wonder which restriction they are referring to; the restrictions just imposed on the ex-royals, or the one imposed on public gatherings there? Neither side seem to have so far taken it seriously.

    It’s 56 seconds from the start.

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