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India’s Maoists proclaim First Revolutionary Government in Bases

Posted by Mike E on June 7, 2008

Kasama has not yet seen confirmation of this claim from other sources.

By Sanjay Basak, Asian Age, London Edition.

New Delhi May 30: Taking control of the entire tribal belt stretching from Abujhmar, Bastar and Dandakaranya, the Maoists in Chhattisgarh have announced the formation and functioning of their first-ever parallel “revolutionary government”. This “government” has also announced the formation of “ministries” of agriculture, finance, judiciary, health, school and culture and forests.

The Chhattisgarh government appears to have completely lost control of this remote tribal-dominated region, over which soldiers belonging to the dreaded Peoples Liberation Guerrilla Army (PLGA) hold sway. While the Maoist health ministry is creating awareness on family planning and hygiene, the education ministry has come up with its own version of “revolutionary history.” Attacks on the government-sponsored “Salwa Judum” movement is a part of the “red” syllabus.

A top central committee member, Comrade Sonu, told this newspaper: “We have rejected imperialist history and are teaching tribals about the revolution and of great heroes from their tribes.” The outfit plans to set up similar revolutionary governments in other Maoist-infested states like Jharkhand and Orissa. Though there is no “foreign ministry” as such, the highest policymaking body, the central committee, maintains links with the coordination committee of Maoist parties and organisations of South Asia.

In a telephonic conversation from Raipur, Chhattisgarh director-general of police, Mr Vishwa Ranjan, said, however, that the state police had been successful in “smashing” the Maoist bases and that the Naxalites were on the run. He claimed that the “so-called parallel government” had been made “defunct” by the police onslaught. He said that apart from forming a special task force, the state police was also coordinating with the Greyhound force of the Andhra Pradesh police in its battle against Maoists.

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Reports from the Revolutionary bases of India

Posted by Mike E on June 7, 2008

We have just received the CPI (Maoist) Information bulletin #1 — a 24 page newsletter. This kind of detailed reporting is an exciting development in understanding the revolutions of South Asia. This first Bulletin is dated March 31, 2008.

PDF version (3 meg)

Here a few of the items contained:

  • How guerrillas took on 3
  • Press Release on the call for peace talks in Orrissa 4
  • How the rulers plan to…. 5
  • From Battlefield 7-11
  • Somen’s arrest 15
  • Pamedu fake encounter 16
  • Books & articles 22

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