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Eyes on the Maobadi: 4 Reasons Nepal’s Revolution Matters

Posted by Mike E on June 8, 2008

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Eyes on the Maobadi: 4 Reasons Nepal’s Revolution Matters

By Mike Ely

Something remarkable is happening. A whole generation of people has never seen a radical, secular, revolutionary movement rise with popular support. And yet here it is – in Nepal today.

This movement has overthrown Nepal’s hated King Gyanendra and abolished the medieval monarchy. It has created a revolutionary army that now squares off with the old King’s army. It has built parallel political power in remote rural areas over a decade of guerrilla war – undermining feudal traditions like the caste system. It has gathered broad popular support and emerged as the leading force of an unprecedented Constituent Assembly (CA). And it has done all this under the radical banner of Maoist communism — advocating a fresh attempt at socialism and a classless society around the world.

People in Nepal call these revolutionaries the Maobadi.

Another remarkable thing is the silence surrounding all this. There has been very little reporting about the intense moments now unfolding in Nepal, or about the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) that stand at their center. Meanwhile, the nearby Tibetan uprisings against abuses by China’s government got non-stop coverage.

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Bastola Interview: Achievements gained thru People’s War

Posted by Mike E on June 8, 2008

Interview with Dharmendra Bastola, Central Committee Member, Communist Party of Nepal-Maoist
THE RED STAR, No. 9,  June 1-15, 2008.

Monarchy has been abolished and Federal democratic has been established. But why does it seem that political process is not going ahead?

Political process is not going ahead smoothly, though political process is going ahead anyway. You see how the process going ahead, that from 12-point understanding to the date of CA election and aftermath to the date of the first meeting of the Constituent Assembly to implement the Federal Democratic Republic, the political process has remained really painful. It has advanced ahead, but not smoothly. The character of the parliamentary parties was to drag the history back to the monarchical system and the character of our party has always remained to smash it. Similarly, in the present context, the parliamentary parties want to amend constitution, so that obstacle could be created in writing a new constitution that has to usher the way forward towards New Democratic Revolution. The parliamentary partiers want to keep semi-feudal semi-colonial mode of production at any cost. Our Party has been struggling to smash them. These are reasons why it seems that the political process is not going ahead.

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Maoists willing to accept a President “from the Civil Society”

Posted by Mike E on June 8, 2008

After campaigning on their intention to elevate their leader Prachanda to the top leadership of the country, the Maoists have (for now) accepted a compromise that will allow a non-political figure to take that post (a post that may be greatly weakened by some constitutional proposals). These discussions are emerging because reactionary parties are frantically trying to prevent the Maoists from taking leading government posts after their april 10 victory. This is obviously an attempt to present a series of obstacles in the way of radical social change — including the agrarian revolution that forms a centerpiece of the Maoist political program. A deadlock is unfolding in front of the eyes of the people — in which millions are learning more about the nature and intentions of the competing political forces — as events may escalate toward sharp conflict and decision. (Thanks to Democracy and Class struggle.)

Chairman Prachanda – Nepal Govt formation, power sharing pact by Jun 11th

In Nepal , Chairman of the CPN-Maoists, Prachanda on Friday said that a political understanding on government formation and power-sharing will be reached by the 11th of this month. Addressing a programme in Katmandu on Friday, the Maoist Chairman clarified that the party has proposed the President from the civil society, claiming that electing a political personality could affect the power-sharing process.

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Prachanda on Relations with China and Japan

Posted by Mike E on June 8, 2008

Chairman Prachanda interview with Japanese Newspaper

Kazuo Nagata / Yomiuri Shimbun Correspondent

KATMANDU–The Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) won the largest number of seats for a constitution-drafting assembly after its success in the country’s April election. Following is the text of a Yomiuri Shimbun interview with party leader Prachanda, 53, conducted at his residence in Katmandu on Friday.

The Yomiuri Shimbun: What happens to the [deposed] King? How soon does he have to evacuate the palace? Is he welcome to stay in Nepal?

Prachanda: The whole situation is quite clear. It seems that he has already agreed with the decision of the Constitutional Assembly. If you respect the will of the people, I think he should stay here. He should not go into exile. He should do his business and help his country. We prefer him to be here. He can form a party and he can contest in the election. There’s not any barrier.

Do you intend to become prime minister or president?

Before the election we clearly mentioned in our manifesto we will be the first president of the new republican system. People gave us votes in favor of our position. But intensive debate is going on between the political parties and it has not been settled. Because we don’t have a majority, and in that situation it is important to have a consensus. Ultimately we should have consensus and we decide who will be the president. Within one week it will be clear.

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Full April Statement: Indian Maoists on Nepal

Posted by Mike E on June 8, 2008

The following is an important public statement made by the Communist Party of India (Maoist) Central Committee after the victory of the Nepali Maoists in the April 10 Elections for the constituent assembly. (thanks to Ka frank for uncovering it, thanks to Democracy and Class struggle for the picture.)

Press Release: April 24, 2008

The verdict in Nepal is a verdict against feudal monarchy, Indian expansionism and US imperialism; it reflects the growing aspirations of the Nepalese masses for land, livelihood and democracy!

Oppose the moves of the imperialists, particularly US imperialists, and the Indian expansionists to meddle in the affairs of Nepal!!

The election results in Nepal have proved once again the overwhelming anger of the masses against the outdated feudal monarchic rule in Nepal, against the Indian expansionist’s bullying and domination of Nepal, against US domination and oppression, and are a reflection of the growing aspirations of the Nepali masses for democracy, land, livelihood and genuine freedom from imperialist and feudal exploitation. It is these aspirations of the overwhelming majority of the masses that had completely trounced the parties that had either supported the King and/or the Indian ruling classes or hesitated to come out strongly against feudal, imperialist oppression and Indian intervention in Nepal.

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