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Blazing the way forward, a battle on the cultural front

Posted by n3wday on June 10, 2008

This article originally appeared in the Red Star and contains important information on the Maoists immediate steps in creating a new Nepal, revolutionary culture, and appreciation of Maoism.

Redefining the tasks of the revolutionary cultural movement

– Florentino A. Iniego, JR

At this historic moment, the Nepali people should be greatly proud of themselves rejoicing the end of monarchy and the birth of the New People’s Democratic Republic of Nepal under the leadership of the Communist Party of Nepal – Maoist. Democratic and patriotic organizations, national liberation and communist movements all over the world were in red salute hailing the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist offensive and looking forward for the establishment of a socialist state in South Asia.

The victory of the CPN-M was laid down by the mandate as expressed in a decade of people’s war, its leadership in the nineteen days Jana Andolan, its commitment to the peace process and the result of the Constituent Assembly election. Still the revolution is not yet finished, and as Comrade Kiran, Senior Party Member confirmed that “…the struggle must move ahead to the direction of socialism and communism.” (Red Star, February 16-29, 2008)

Urgently, the CPN-M under the coalition government shall carry on basic democratic reforms on the ailing economy, draft a popular and democratic constitution, proceed with the integration of the PLA and Nepali Army, implement land reform as the main substance of the democratic revolution, and put forward a national industrialization program. It shall also create an independent, peace-loving and development oriented-foreign policy while maintaining an anti-imperialist, anti-expansionist, and anti-globalization stand.

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