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Red Star #10 – Break the Deadlock

Posted by n3wday on June 24, 2008

This article appeared in the 10th issue of the Red Star. It outlines the sharpening disagreements between the Nepali Congress and the CPN(M). Recently a deal has been struck between the CPN(M) and the UML to form the next government without the NC is they fail to break the political deadlock.

Break the deadlock

The delay in forming a new government according to the mandate of the election of Constituent Assembly (CA) is a bad omen. However, the Federal Democratic Republic (FDR) has been implemented and monarchy has been abolished from the first meeting of CA. All these historic decisions have been taken on the basis of agreement among the political parties.

But even after the new mandate was secured in the election of CA, the Nepali Congress (NC), the third party of the country, is putting hurdles in the way of political progress. The NC is not ready to give way to the CPN (Maoist), the largest party of the country. This is because of its class interests. Therefore, it is breaching the norms and values of democracy. Instead of making the process easier, the NC, together with the CPN (UML), has put a seven point pre-conditions not to leave power. Now, they are insisting on taking state power by demanding the presidency though they have already been rejected by the people in the election of CA.

The CPN (Maoist), taking these concerns seriously and responsibly, publicised the names of five prestigious candidate leaders not from the party but from civil society for the post of president. But the parliamentary parties are not ready to accept it, and they claim that the list is designed: ‘to create illusion over the Terai and take benefit from the other political parties.’ But the CPN (Maoist) does not have this interest because it has not named any party leaders on the list. Therefore, the claim of the parliamentary parties is ridiculous.

The NC is intentionally trying to prolong the transitional period rather than to find a logical solution for present impasse. The reason is that the vestiges of the feudal order have transferred to the NC. Another cause for prolonging the impasse is to build annual budget in favour of NC because it will be the commencement of a new economic year. In spite of all these efforts, the NC is producing falsehoods in the fascist style of Goebbels, lying and lying until people believe the lie is the truth; that the CPN (Maoist) has stepped down to accept the terms and conditions put forward by NC. Dispelling this illusion, the Chairman of CPN (Maoist), Prachanda, said, ‘It is 100 percent false that we have abandoned our political stand on the presidency. This is propaganda used to check the pulse of the people.” Chairman Prachanda further stated: “Nepalese people are looking for a change, a new ideology and a new leadership. Therefore, we are not ready to accept the old leadership because accepting it will be to disrespect the mandate of the people.”

The CPN-Maoist ministers have resigned from the NC led government a few days ago and given an ultimatum to Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala to resign and to smooth the way to form a new government under the leadership of the CPN (Maoist). The leaders of the major political parties are holding meetings to form consensus. But the NC seems to remain rigid by repeating the old and stale demands which are against the peace accord and the agreements made before.

The CPN-Maoist has said the GP Koirala is too old and feeble to lead the country and it has already announced that an honourable position will be given to GP Koirala after his resignation from the post of Prime Minister. The CPN (Maoist) has proposed him to be a leader of an all-party mechanism. But GP Koirala, who refused the same proposal to be the first President in the past, by Maoist, is now dying for Presidency.

After the abolition of the monarchy and implementation of the FDR, the class equation of Nepalese society has changed. The antagonism has shifted in the last month. So the progressive force and the representative of the feudal and bureaucratic capitalism – the NC cannot carry on together. The NC and the CPN (Maoist) are at logger heads because of the new antagonism. As this is a transitional period, the NC should understand the situation and not try to create conflict. If the NC really adopts ‘democratic’ norms and values, it must show them in practice.

Their old and meaningless ideology and outlook cannot create a New Nepal. The NC was progressive in comparison with the Ranas and the Shahs, but now the NC has become a status quo force that cannot lead New Nepal. The responsibility of the NC, in this new context, is to help the CPN (Maoist) to lead the country ahead. Jealousy and arrogance does not serve the people but angers them further. If so, the Nepalese people will be obliged to launch the struggle against their rotten and ruinous ideology and practices. Only a movement will be left as an alternative to clear away the obstacles in the way of the country’s progress.

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