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Red star over the Himalayas

Posted by n3wday on July 13, 2008

This article appeared in the Red Star.

Red star over Himalayas

– Sheo Mangal Siddhantakar

May 28 was the first historic meeting of the Constituent Assembly of Nepal. The monarchy was abolished and the country declared a ‘Secular Federal Democratic Republic’. King Gyanendra lost all his power and has vacated the palace. Thus, it was the end of royal history in Nepal and the end of the Brahminical ‘Avatar’ ideology that has existed for 240 years. More importantly, we must see how Chairman Prachanda conducts the orchestra of multi party democracy. The question of the “Development of Democracy in the 21st Century”, put forward by Chairman Prachanda and adopted by CPN (M), must now be tested; this will be concretely reflected in the process of the conduct of CA and the drafting of the constitution by the different parties.

I hope and suggest that the new constitution should not be a directionless muddle of ‘vulgar democracy’ and Indian style socialism, as in the Indian constitution. Rather, it should be the fusion of the scientific development in Nepal from the experience of the struggle, for a New Proletarian outlook for the 21st century. I understand that in the course of running a party or a coalition, democracy for minorities should be given the foremost importance. If the Maoists can do this, they will be able to build a new Nepal.
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