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Prachanda on Danger of Counterrevolution Making Nepal a Failed State

Posted by Mike E on July 23, 2008

This post (props to democracy and class struggle) raises a number of important questions. A “failed state” is a country with a central government that is incapable of governing the whole country — it is a prolonged state of dissolution. He is suggesting that the reactionaries can’t govern the country, and the maoists may proceed to govern those parts where they have strong support — and that this failure will shape the future if people don’t rally to help the Maoists carry through the revolution. Failed state is also a buzzword internationally — as one of the problems imperialist strategists most fear.

The CPN-Maoist Chairman said that there was “a great danger of the counter revolution to make Nepal a failed state.”

The newly elected president Ram Baran Yadav was expected to invite the CPN-Maoist to form the new government soon after taking office after a swearing-in ceremony on Wednesday.

“Our all efforts to make a new government in the past three and half months have been over.
Now in accordance to the new equation we gladly accept the place of opposition in Nepali politics,” Prachanda said, requesting the new president to call on the new alliance to make the new government.

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Open Letter from Mike Ely: Eyes on Nepal

Posted by Mike E on July 23, 2008

Eyes on Nepal: Communist revolution changes everything

I want to call your attention to a major political change that has happened in Nepal — the (not-so-surprising) congealing of the various reactionary parties into a “stop the Maoists” alliance.

This has blocked the ability of the Maoists to pick the next president, and is helping millions of people in Nepal see the obstacles to advancing the anti-feudal anti imperialist revolution within the framework of the existing state.

I have reposted below a timely editorial by nickglais, the editor of Democracy and Class Struggle. And we will be posting more news posts on this on our South Asia Revolution site and on our Kasama blog — and urge you to inform folks you know about these developments — including both their danger and opportunity.

Prachanda has pointed out that this approach has backing outside Nepal.

In many ways, there are suggestions that there might be a showdown — under conditions where the Nepali Maoists have an army, have proven their legitimacy through popular support, and are being blocked by forces that have been widely discredited.

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DACS: Maoists Face “Unholy Alliance” of Reactionaries in Nepal

Posted by Mike E on July 23, 2008

Editoral statement was written by the Democracy and Class struggle blog.

Dealing with an “Unholy” Anti Maoist Alliance

Democracy and Class Struggle says the decision of the CPN Maoist not to form Government given the new Anti Maoist Alliance of the CP UML, Nepali Congress and MJF reflects the new realities in Nepal where the counter revolutionary forces in Nepal have re-grouped.

The siren call of the Nepali Congress for CPN Maoist to form government is nothing but a rope for the CP Maoist to hang itself with.

Arjun Narsingh of the Nepali Congress says.

“We still believe and want the Maoists to form and lead the new government. That was our earlier decision and we stick by it,” Narsingh said. “We will not be an obstacle for them in this matter.”

The CPN Maoist rightly ignores such siren calls and should concentrate on exposing the new alliance of the bankrupt parties and their new government to build on its popular support registered in the Elections.

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Prachanda: Foreign Forces Behind Sinister Events in Nepal

Posted by Mike E on July 23, 2008

This piece was posted from the mainstream press by Democracy and Class struggle blog.

CPN (Maoist) chairman Prachanda has claimed that foreign reactionary forces are acting behind the current political twist in Nepal politics, which could pose threat to national sovereignty and integrity.

In a press meet organised at its CPN-M’s CA party office in Singha Durbar to publicise the decision taken by the party Tuesday morning, Prachanda said the new coalition of Nepali Congress, CPN (UML) and Madhesi Janadhikar Forum is continuation of the political game being practiced during the 90s.

He further said the NC-UML-MJF coalition would push the nation into grave internal conflict thereby giving opportunity to foreigners to take its advantage.

Informing that the current government has stopped releasing the budget for People’s Liberation Army (PLA), Prachanda warned the situation would turn volatile if it continued to violate the past agreements.

According to him, reactionary forces had been trying since the Constituent Assembly polls to stop the Maoists from taking over the leadership of new government.

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CPI(ML) Naxalbari: “Reject the Indo-US nuclear deal”

Posted by n3wday on July 23, 2008

CPI(ML) Naxalbari: “Reject the Indo-US nuclear deal”

21 July 2008. A World to Win News Service. Following is a press statement dated 12 July by Krantipriya, spokesperson for the Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) Naxalbari.

By rushing ahead to finalise the Indo-U.S. nuclear deal, unmindful of widespread opposition, the government led by the Indian National Congress Party reveals the extent to which it goes to please the murderer Bush. There are many factors in the agreements signed with the U.S. and proposed to the IAEA [International Atomic Energy Agency] that enslave India’s nuclear industry to imperialist interests. But, far beyond all that, the crux of the Indo-US nuclear deal is the surreptitious recognition given to India’s nuclear weapon status in return for pledging its alliance to U.S. strategic interests. This boost to Indian expansionism, at the price of toeing U.S. interests, is the most significant, strategic, aspect. This threatens the peace in South Asia and Asia.

Both the fake Left, led by the Communist Party of India (Marxist), and the NDA [National Democratic Alliance], led by the BJP [in other words, the two main opposition blocs which threatened to bring down the Congress government over this issue], are silent about this. In fact their concern is about the lack of a formal recognition of India’s nuclear weapon status, a possible ban on further testing of nuclear weapons and insufficient guarantees of fuel supply. While this is expected of the BJP, the stand of the CPM and its allies exposes that they too are strong proponents of Indian expansionism.

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