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Open Letter from Mike Ely: Eyes on Nepal

Posted by Mike E on July 23, 2008

Eyes on Nepal: Communist revolution changes everything

I want to call your attention to a major political change that has happened in Nepal — the (not-so-surprising) congealing of the various reactionary parties into a “stop the Maoists” alliance.

This has blocked the ability of the Maoists to pick the next president, and is helping millions of people in Nepal see the obstacles to advancing the anti-feudal anti imperialist revolution within the framework of the existing state.

I have reposted below a timely editorial by nickglais, the editor of Democracy and Class Struggle. And we will be posting more news posts on this on our South Asia Revolution site and on our Kasama blog — and urge you to inform folks you know about these developments — including both their danger and opportunity.

Prachanda has pointed out that this approach has backing outside Nepal.

In many ways, there are suggestions that there might be a showdown — under conditions where the Nepali Maoists have an army, have proven their legitimacy through popular support, and are being blocked by forces that have been widely discredited.

We should pool our thoughts and resources — both to bring this situation to the attention of many more people, and to be prepared if a decisive showdown of some kind emerges.

It is in moments like that in which a revolution either succeeds and wins, or is stalemated and perhaps crushed. It is through such desperate moves by reactionaries that they expose their anti-people nature, their disregard for the choices of the people, and when it becomes more clear that a revolutionary seizure of power is key to the achievement of liberation.

I will create a thread on Kasama threads for discussing this. And would love to hear your thoughts and plans by email or by post there.

There are a number of articles that have appeared that show the Maoists have been preparing their ranks for this moment and have a sense that they may be approaching a decisive moment.

I particularly urge you to study and circulate Basanta’s important “The Present Deadlock and our Tasks.”

I also urge you to read and circulate our own “Eyes on the Maobadi: 4 Reasons Nepal’s Revolution Matters.” It serves as a popular introduction to this very radical revolution and its potential for influencing the world. (also in pdf)

Stay alert. Stay informed. Stay in Touch.

Mike E

kasamasite (at)

One Response to “Open Letter from Mike Ely: Eyes on Nepal”

  1. comradealastair said

    I wrote my own analysis of these events a few hours after they took place –

    I agree with you that this is a very important point in the development of the Nepalese revolution. I’m hopeful and confident that the Maoists can overcome this, as they have many other challenges. All the reactionary parties have done is expose themselves to the masses, and hasten their own demise.

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