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Nepali Congress Leader Dr Minendra Rijal rejects Maoists pre-conditions

Posted by n3wday on July 27, 2008

This article was reposted from Democracy and Class Struggle.

Nepali Congress Leader Dr Minendra Rijal rejects Maoists pre-conditions

The NC leader Dr. Minendra Rijal speaking at the program summarily rejected the Maoists’ preconditions.

“The NC-UML-MJF has formed a democratic alliance which will continue to thrive until the constitution making process is complete”, is what Dr. Rijal said.

“However, if the Maoists want to join our alliance, we will accept them with open hearts”, Rijal added apparently cutting a joke at the Maoists.

Comrade Prachanda later talking to the reporters predicted that if the newly formed unholy alliance between the NC-UML and the MJF does not come to an end, it may invite a greater conflict in the country.

“There is no way we will join the unholy alliance”, Prachanda made his party’s stance clear.

Hridayesh Tripathi, a senior Madhesi leader maintained that the Maoists as the largest party in the Constituent Assembly must be allowed to form the next government.

Mr. Tripathi also demanded that the NC-UML and the MJF alliance be dissolved at the earliest.

Mr. Tripathi is one of the prominent leader of the Terai Loktantrik Madhes Party which recently voted Ram Raja Prasad Singh-the Maoists candidate for the post of the President.

However, Mr. Singh had to embrace defeat. Dr. Ram Baran Yadav, a NC leader, got elected.

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