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Indian Maoist Kill 24, Indian State Opens 6 New Counter Insurgency Schools

Posted by n3wday on July 28, 2008

This article was provided courtesy of the mailing list Maoist Revolution.

India People’s War News: Maoist landmine kills 24 policemen (Reports

Malkangiri (Orissa), July 17th 2008 : A massive combing operation has been launched following yesterday’s Maoists attack in which at least 24 policemen were killed when a landmine exploded under a security vehicle
in Orissa’s Malkangiri District. The search operation to nab the Maoists is being jointly launched by Special operation group units and Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) in Mottu police station area. Additional police forces are being mobilised to ‘strengthen’ the combing operation in the area.

In a related development, Union Home Secretary Madhukar Gupta has said that the Central Government has decided to set up six jungle warfare and counter-insurgency schools to train security personnel to ‘deal’ with
the Maoists.

“In order to encourage the training capabilities in the state, we have decided from the Central Government’s part to set-up six counter-insurgency jungle warfare schools this year. We have asked the
states that they should let us know that where can they give land for this purpose,” Gupta said.

On June 29, 33 cops died when Maoists attacked their boat in Malkangiri district. 63 policemen were on the boat, which had sunk into the reservoir after a Maoist attack in. Out of them 28 survived.

Also known as Naxalites, they are fighting on behalf of the rural poor and landless and want to build a communist Nation.

The government has recently taken a new stance on the Maoist insurgency, pulling the affected states together to coordinate their response. It says it will combine improved policing with socio-economic measures to defuse grievances that fuel the Maoist cause, so called. 24 Orissa policemen feared killed by Maoists Wednesday, July 16, 2008 In the second major strike by Maoists in Orissa in less than three
weeks, 24 Orissa policemen were killed in a landmine explosion and firing by Maoist fighters in Malkangiri district on Wednesday.

The van carrying the members of the Special Operations Group was on its way from MPV 126, 50km from Malkangiri, to MPV-41, when the landmine went off.

The SOG personnel were going to the place where the house of a BJP leader was attacked by the Maoists last night.

“We suspect that all the 24 personnel in the van were killed in the incident,” Director General of Police Gopal Chandra Nanda told the news agency.

The SOG personnel were ambushed by the Maoists who felled trees to block Kalimela-Motu road to block the vehicle.

When some of them alighted to clear the road they were fired on by the Maoists and their vehicle was damaged by the landmine explosion triggered at about the same time.

Though the vehicle was not completely damaged in the blast as it was an anti-landmine one it had overturned and those inside it were gunned down by the Maoists when they tried to come out from it.

Reactionary forces were rushed to the spot after the explosion that came 18 days after the Maoists carried out an audacious attack on a launch carrying elite anti-naxal Greyhound police personnel of Andhra Pradesh
in a reservoir in Malkangiri district.

That incident left 35 dead and dozens injured.

The south western range DIG Sanjeev Panda said the van was an anti-landmine one and there were 24 personnel in it.

He, however, did not confirm the casulty figure. “Our people are yet to reach at the explosion site”.

Another anti-landmine vehicle was sent to the spot to rescue the personnel, the police said.

Today’s Maoist attack came on a day when senior officials of the central and governments of four severely naxal-affected states, including Orissa, confered in New Delhi to address the increasing
security threat from Maoists.

Earlier this month, the Maoists had opened fire on a launch carrying Greyhound commandos who were on a patrol in Orissa, sinking the vessel.

While 29 policemen survived the atack with serious injuries, bodies of 35 others were recovered during a search that lasted several days of search.

It was one of the biggest Maoist assaults on police personnel since March last year when Maoists blew up a vehicle killing 55 poliemen in Chhattisgarh.

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