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The Naxals and Salwa Judum

Posted by n3wday on July 29, 2008

This article was published by The Economist. Although coming from a thoroughly bourgeois perspective that Kasama does not endorse, it provides some important background information on the peoples war in India, including information on the Salwa Judum counter-insurgency movement.

A spectre haunting India: Maoist rebels are fighting a brutal low-level war with the Indian state


GANESH UEIKE, secretary of the West Bastar Divisional Committee of the Communist Party of India (Maoist), seems a gentle, rather academic, man, who does not suit his green combat fatigues or clenched-fist “red salute”. He shuffles dog-eared bits of paper from a shabby file in his knapsack and writes down the questions he is asked. He answers them in slogans that he gives every appearance of believing. He wants to “liberate India from the clutches of feudalism and imperialism”.

The rare interview took place last month, in a thatched shelter in a clearing in the Bastar forest in southern Chhattisgarh. The spot was some seven hours’ walk from the nearest road, and there had been a day-and-a-half’s wait for such a “big leader” to emerge from a hideout even deeper in the jungle. His party, he said, was facing renewed suppression, because “the resources of finance capitalism are facing sluggishness in their development, and are looking for new routes,” such as the mineral riches of this forest.

Mr Ueike did not mention that, just a few hours beforehand, at the edge of the forest, in a place called Errabore, his comrades had fought back. Several hundred had mounted a co-ordinated attack on a police station, a paramilitary base and a relief camp for displaced people. They killed more than 30 of the camp’s residents, mostly by hacking them to death with axes. The scholarly Mr Ueike did boast that his army relied on “low-tech weapons”. Read the rest of this entry »

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Nepal: Peoples Army Targeted, Maoists Consider Civil War

Posted by n3wday on July 29, 2008

This article was taken from Democracy and Class Struggle.

Future of PLA in question
Resist Now Resist issues the following report.

The rightist alliance of NC, UML and MJF has put the future of PLA in question. Recently, a Congress leader said: ‘Considering the mutinies in the armed police barracks, the integration of the PLA into the National army will be a disaster.

From the beginning, the parliamentary parties have been giving excuse after excuse so as to not integrate the PLA into national army. The rightist alliance wants to liquidate the PLA and derail the peace process. In the PLA cantonments, there is always a lack of basic infrastructure- water, electricity, and buildings.
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