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‘People’s Truth’ Bulletin no. 1

Posted by n3wday on July 31, 2008

The following is an excerpt from ‘People’s Truth‘ bulletin number 1, the publication that was launched from India after the banning of ‘People’s March’.

Dear friends,
people’s Truth Bullettin no: 1 articles are pasted down below.

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P.Govindan kutty
Editor, People’s Truth
Lift Ban on People’s March

On Feb.14 2008 the Ernakulam District Magistrate issued an order banning the publishing of the magazine in the district. The order was issued on the eve of Com. Kutty coming out of the jail on bail where he had been incarcerated on false charges. The real purpose for the arrest is now clear: to stifle freedom of expression in the country. The People’s March is an independent magazine that fearlessly seeks to present the facts without facing any pressure from advertisers or the government to sing to any tune. It therefore fearlessly presented the reality in the country and worldwide, firmly standing by the oppressed masses against the moneybags. It also honestly portrayed the revolutionary and democratic movements in the country, not resorting to government-style propaganda or distortions of the gutter media. This it seems the government feared. So they first arrested the editor and when still they could not stifle his voice they proceeded to ban the magazine.

On Feb. 14th the District Magistrate of Ernakulum posted an order to this effect at the PM office. The order stated “…the publication, sale, distribution and circulation of the magazine named “People’s March” is hereby prohibited in the district of Ernakulum, since the said magazine is found to be containing materials that are seditious and subversive in nature, bringing about contempt and disaffection against the government of India. ….The Additional District Magistrate, Ernakulum, shall take immediate steps to take up the matter with the Registrar of newspapers, New Delhi, so as to get the registration of the magazine cancelled.” In fact even before the ban the police have been harassing and threatening all those in anyway linked to the magazine.
The printing press refused to print the magazine due to intensive police pressure. And even the landlord of the house in which Kutty lived asked him to vacate after coming out of jail, due to police treats and pressure. This is the extent to which the police and government have gone to try and stifle the voice of the oppressed masses of the country. The freedom of expression in this country is a big hoax. It is mostly money-power that dictates what should be written or shown kow-towing to government interests; and if anyone dares go beyond the bounds set, they are immediately stifled. All democrats and progressive forces must demand the immediate lifting of the ban and an end to police harassment of the editor and those associated with him.
But no government order can stifle; the voice of the oppressed masses; phoenix-like it will arise again and again in new forms, to haunt the oppressors and all their hangers-on.

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