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Naxal prisoners go on indefinate hunger strike.

Posted by n3wday on August 1, 2008

This article was published by ‘People’s Truth’.

Naxalites prisoners are launching indefinite hunger strike from June 25.

Naxalite prisoners in Cherlapally prison in Hyderabad are going on a hunger strike from June 25 alleging that the conditions in jails and outside are reminding the days of Emergency. Human rights are violated in the case of prisoners in jails also. The jails are claimed to be correctional institutions, but they have become killing grounds of prisoners as jail authorities have neglected the health and hygienic conditions of the prisoners. This amounts to playing with their lives.

As Indira Gandhi incarcerated the political activists and democrats during Emergency, today’s Congress government also is implementing undeclared emergency towards political dissent. Though TADA, and POTA are not there the naxalites and the Muslim prisoners are languishing in Andhra jails for more than 15 years.

Malla Raja Reddy alias Sathenna, who was arrested from Angamaly in Kerala in the middle of December 2007, is leading the indefinite strike. They request countrywide support for their agitation.
People’s Truth requests democrats, intellectuals and human rights activists in the country to express their solidarity with the Naxalites prisoners who are launching indefinite hunger strike from June 25

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