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Interview on recent events with Prachanda by Vijay Chalise

Posted by n3wday on August 2, 2008

This important interview expounds the CPN(M)’s views of many of the burning controversies of late, such as the presidential elections, Koirala’s participation in the SAARC conference, and the Maoists participation in the new government. Many thanks to Democracy and Class struggle for making this available.

Vijay Chalise, editor of Gorkhapatra interviews Chairman Prachanda:

The last question which the Indian journalists had asked CPN-Maoist Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal alias Prachanda went like this, “Some Indian journalists wrote in their articles that your personality stands out when you are referred to as “Prachanda” instead of “Pushpa Kamal Dahal”, what do you personally feel?

Responding to this last question, he said that he liked being called “Prachanda.” But Prachanda also gave the reasons for his answer. “The name Prachanda encompasses the entire Nepal, all classes, castes, regions and gender. Some aura of tradition comes from the name `Pushpa Kamal Dahal’ like it comes form Girija Prasad Koirala and Madhav Kumar Nepal.

Hence I like the name `Prachanda’ not because of its established meaning but because I wish to move towards progress. Some people these days have stopped using my nom de guere `Prachanda’ and I feel that this is very reactionary, but I do not know its underlying meaning, why are they doing so? The following is the excerpts of the interview taken by Vijay Chalise, editor of Gorkhapatra with Prachanda: Read the rest of this entry »

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Understanding Federalism P3: Different views

Posted by n3wday on August 2, 2008

The following are a series of statements stating the different parties views on federalism in Nepal. They were excerpted from the ‘Facets of Federalism’ series on Nepal News. I would encourage our readers to explore this series in it’s entirety, many of the articles provide rich discussion of the issue.

Ethnicity-based federalism is a must: Dev Gurung

Maoist leader and local development minister Dev Gurung has said that ethnicity-based federalism is the appropriate way to solve the problems facing the country.

Stating that the zonal administrative structure introduced by late King Mahindra was against the aspirations of different communities, Gurung said federal structure based on geography will simply not work.

Talking to Nepalnews on Sunday, the Maoist leader also claimed that ethnicity-based federalism is necessary for harmony and unity among different communities.

He said, “The demand for single Madhes province is irrelevant in the present context because it infringes upon the rights of indigenous groups in Terai, and will give rise to monopoly of some groups there.” Read the rest of this entry »

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‘Unholy Alliance’ remains intact

Posted by n3wday on August 2, 2008

This article appeared on

The NC – UML agreement represents an important formal move by the two parties to undermine the attempts of the Maoists to lead the new government. These moves coupled with the denial of rations and pay to the People’s Liberation Army (currently residing in UN cantonments), could lead to an intense struggle for power.

NC, UML decide to move under common agreement Kantipur Report

KATHMANDU, July [August] 1 – The Nepali Congress and CPN-UML Friday concluded to move ahead with a common agreement whether or not to join the government under Maoist leadership.

A meeting of the top leaders of the parties today decided to form the future government giving continuity to understanding and coordination.

The leaders of the second and third largest parties in the Constituent Assembly (CA) also discussed the role of the CPN-Moist after the historical election in April, at the meeting held at the UML central office at Balkhu in the capital, NC General Secretary Bimelendra Nidhi informed.
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