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The Troubling Demand for a Single Madesh Region

Posted by n3wday on August 3, 2008

This article appeared in The Red Star.

Single madesh region : an anti-FDR demand

The Madhesh parties (MJF, TMLP and other fringe parties) are continuously creating obstacles in the Constituent Assembly (CA). Because of their activities and demands, the formation of a new government and the writing of the Federal Democratic Republican (FDR) constitution are being delayed.

Is the issue of “one Mades, one Pradesh” justifiable? Does it address the verdict and aspirations of all the people who live in the southern plains in Nepal? Does it follow the concept of FDR system? The demand of the Madhes parties is based on the concept of a unitary system of governance. It is a continuation of the old feudal governance in a new form. There are peoples of many origins and indigenous nationalities that have lived in the Terai for a long time. Realizing and addressing these specialties and differences of the southern Terai plains, the CPN (Maoist) has already proclaimed autonomous regions to include all different nationalities and cultures. E.g.: Kochila, Mithila, Bhojpura, Awadh, and Tharuwan. This scientific conception of autonomous regions is now properly addressed by the concept of FDR.
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