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Video: Interview with Nepali Woman Guerrilla

Posted by Mike E on August 8, 2008

by AlJazeera

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Nepal dreams: A Future Garden of Many Flowers

Posted by Mike E on August 8, 2008

by Prachanda, Chairman, Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist)

(Excerpt from Prachanda’s speech to Constituent Assembly meeting for the first time on 9th July. Reprinted from Red Star Issue – 12, July 25-August 10, 2008) He is talking here about ending the long national oppression of minority people in Nepal — where their culture and language were denied, and the people were separated from political power. Understanding how communist revolution ends racist and chauvinist oppression of minority people is obvious relevant to the whole world — including in the U.S., which is built on the robbery and enslavement of dozens of peoples, where it was long officially assumed that Christian, English-speaking, white America was the “real America” and where the anti-immigrant wolves of “english only” and “deport the aliens” are justifying the brutal treatment of immigrant peoples.

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We have accomplished a long desire with this Constituent Assembly, which has true participation, representation and all the necessary characteristics. People used to describe Nepal as a garden of many flowers, but only one flower was allowed to grow while others were not even allowed to bloom. Instead, other flowers were crushed. Now, the process has started to make a real garden of many flowers comprising of different classes, castes, regions and communities of Nepal. The sacrifice, bravery and dedication of the best sons and daughters of the people have watered the garden of the Constituent Assembly.

For a long time, we dreamt of creating such a garden, we dreamt about the flower garden ensuring the rights of all the oppressed flowers, Madhesh, Tharus, castes and nationalities, women, Muslims, the oppressed regions and all poor workers, peasants and patriots, all blooming. Now, with the participation and presence of women, whether they are from CPN (Maoist), Nepali congress, CPN (UML) of any other party, I feel proud from an ideological and political point of view.

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