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20 minute Broadcast on India’s Revolution

Posted by Mike E on August 9, 2008

Great footage of the Naxalite (Maoist) armed struggle growing in rural India. Includes interview with Arundhati Roy (radical India writer and political activists) and exposure of the government’s system of village level death squads. The main footage is from prison-like “government relocation camps” — the standard counterinsurgency tactice of “catch the fish by drying up the sea.”

(It is unfortunately not possible to embed)

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[props to Good Morning Revolution for posting it]

4 Responses to “20 minute Broadcast on India’s Revolution”

  1. Quorri said

    Ummm…. it’s already not working anymore: “This video is no longer available”……… :(

  2. Mike E said

    it still works for me on youtube.

    And it is also available from journeyman:

  3. B.S.Raju said

    “20 minute broadcast on India’s Revolution” is truthful exposure of the so called biggest Democratic contry called India.
    We can tell thosands of such atrocities and suppression campaigns to exterminate the “peoples’ voice” , read as the voice of destitute down trodden and their real representative arms of struggle.
    The ruling classes pose as champions of democracy on international forums and in front of the people of other countries by showing the example of conducting regular elections and the growing number of consumarist middle class. The reality is totally different. This is to be exposed, eloborated, made known to the entire world through all possible channels and by possible means.

  4. there is a version of the film for embedding on the webpage: (part 1) & (part 2)

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