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Analysis:Three Month Fight Over Nepal’s Presidency

Posted by Mike E on August 10, 2008

Ram Baran Yadav — the new President of Nepal and the candidate of the anti-Maoist coalition.

The following analysis is revealing and detailed — though obviously not written from a partisan revolutionary perspective. We are offering it here because it helps clarify the events that have generally arrived into view as a series of day-by-day crises and confrontations.

In the wake of Ram Baran Yadav’s election, the struggle has shifted to the formation of a new government and the selection of a Prime Minister — which may happen under the leadership of the Maoists (who have the largest representation in the Constituent Assembly). Significantly, under the current constitutional arrangements, it is the President (not the Prime Minister) who controls the National Army.

Nepal’s Presidential Election: Anti-Maoist Forces Won

By the Conflict Study Center in Kathmandu Nepal Aug 8, 2008
Author: Bishnu Pathak PhD and edited by: Neil Horning
Assisted by: Chitra Niraula, Rushma Shakya, Rita Chaudhary, Man Pd. Neupane ‘Manish’, Ganga Puri and Meena Siwakoti

The 100 day marathon of uncertainty after the April 10 Constituent Assembly (CA) election finally ended on July 21, 2008 when Dr. Ram Baran Yadav of the NC-UML-MJF alliance won the run-off with 306 (52%) out of the 590 ballots cast. The Maoists candidate Ram Raja Prasad Singh was defeated with 282 (48%) votes. On July 19, none of the presidential candidates received the majority of votes, except the Vice President Paramananda Jha. Almost all national and international forces tried their best to support the formation of a new national consensus government, prioritizing the PM for the Maoists, the ceremonial role of President for the NC, and the chairmanship of the CA for the UML.

Unethical Games for the President

Why did the political turmoil remain for so long?

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