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Coup talk in Nepal

Posted by Mike E on August 14, 2008

the government's army

the government

Janadisha Daily reports that Koirala has asked three security chiefs to help prevent Maoist Led Government

The Janadisha daily,on Wednesday said in a front-page report that Koirala had asked the three chiefs to exert their influence to prevent the formation of a Maoist-led government.

The daily said sources in the PMO informed it that the caretaker premier told the trio, “I am deeply concerned about what would happen if the Maoists come to power.” “Even if we were not given the reins of the government, we should have been given the defence ministry,” the PM reportedly said. “But the Maoists refused.”

According to the daily, Katuwal, once known to be a royalist and anti-Maoist, urged the “glum” Koirala to be pro-active. “You are still the PM,” the controversial army chief reportedly said. “We are ready to carry out whatever orders you issue… Our three security organs are with you. Because of the Maoists’ militant past, whatever you do, you can’t have good relations with them.”

The daily claimed that the army chief had set up the meeting and prior to it, had held a meeting with Koirala’s trusted aide, Ram Chandra Poudel. There is speculation that on Thursday, when the parties have to file nominations for the premiership election, Koirala’s Nepali Congress can field Poudel if they feel the contest will be a tough one.

6 Responses to “Coup talk in Nepal”

  1. Joseph Winter said

    I am relatively new to Maoists world events and what not, but shouldn’t the Maoists in Nepal carry out a violent revolution til Nepals reactionary bourgeois parliament is no more; as opposed to participating in it?

  2. Joseph Winter said

    I know at one point it’s okay to use reactionary/bourgeois forces to fight off imperialists for national liberation, but is Nepal still a victim of imperialism and if so does the bourgeois class want liberation? If there is not imperialist endeavors by the first-world in Nepal, is it not time for the Maoists to fight an internal conflict for control?

  3. Jose M said


    as of now, the peoples war was carried to its end, mainly due to its stagnation, and the need to open up new areas of support (urban, mainly). Their participation in the parliament is a process in the bourgeois democratic revolution (and anti-feudal, but i believe it is the same thing).

    I really am not the one to get into this deeply as my knowledge of this is not as deep as that of others. But I do know that the immediate tasks of the maoists is not socialism, and they are correct. Nepal is horribly underdeveloped, and the new democratic revolution process will need to incorporate this much needed capitalist development, along with the creation of a federal dem. republic

  4. Joseph Winter said

    Thanks Jose.

  5. nick said

    the maoist need to take over the state and bild the dictartorship of the prolitariat, the aliance of “bloc of all classes”, with the bourgeois as a partner is only detremental to the revolution and serves to Dous the flames of revolution, and the aspirations of the nepal workes and peasents. the workers overthrough the monarky in just 10 days of strikes, showing there emense revolutionary power,why then does the leadership hand over power to the bousguse, promising not to harm the sacraed right of privert property??

    there is no need for further capitalist development becouse the possition of nepal would mean any capitalist development would be subject to imperial domination and dependandance. there is no revolutionay national bousguse in napel and soverinty can not be bilt under capitalisum. the bousguse in nepal could never strive for independense becouse of ther dependent and dominated position, to strive for independence would threaten there privaliged way of life.

  6. nick said

    so what could the alternative be to at least ’10 years’ of capitalisum?? one the one hand there is capitilist india on its border which at every stage has tryed to crush the revolution, if the workers and peasents take power would india and international capitalist then invade like they did in 1917 supporting the white army?? probibly, but the indian capitilists have enoth to worry about with there own ‘peoples war’ in india, and like in 1917 the international capitalist contrys would pull out fearing possibility of revolution in there own contrys.

    Are there the material conditions for constructing socalisum in nepal?? nepal is a brutaly underdevoluped contry ruled by seme-fudal system tied and dominated by international capital. yet the maoist have shown how much of a diferance they can make dispight this in the 10 years of peoples war under the banner of land to the tiller, they transform much of the contryside they controled and development could better be acomplished under the planed control of the prolitariat.

    What is too be done??
    the maoist need to do more than just be the majority in goverment, the maoist need to take control of the state institution, the army civil servise extra, they also need to create/nuture institutions of popular power such as workers soviets as the mecanisum for disition makeing. this would give the peasentry and the prolitariat a firm hand over the leavers of power and the mass orginisation with wich to defend the revolution from impirial agretion.

    socalisum cannot be bilt in nepal alon. eventualy if isolated the revolution would fail, yet a worker/peasent state in nepal would be a beeken of hope for workers world wide espicalisy in inda and would breath life into the revolutionary movements around the world.

    maby the revolution would fail becouse of the objective conditions, yet if the maoist leadership continue with the policy of a ‘blockof classes’ and aliance with the bousguse the revolurtion would defonatly fail, and who knows when the next opertunity for the dectatoship of the prolitariat presents itself.
    by that time the peasents and workers would need to look for an alternative vangard as the maoists would be nothing more than the tool of the bougouse to crush the revolution.

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