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Nepal: Tea Workers Seize Plantations

Posted by Mike E on August 18, 2008

Clearly these are important developments. Anyone hearing news of these worker takeovers should sent them to Kasama and we will post them immediately. Thanks to Neil’s Nepal blog for pointing this out.

Such actions of worker control are a sign of a deepening revolutionary situation — and (from very scattered accounts) seem to initiative taken by the people inspired by the increasing power of the Maoist party.  As we get more facts about this, we will be able to see whether those first impressions are true, and whether such developments are a trend within the sharpening crisis over Nepal’s revolution and its future.

Somewhere Lenin is Smiling: Workers ‘take over’ tea factories, resume operations


DHANKUTA, Aug 3 – Workers of three big tea estates, which remained closed for the last three weeks due to disputes between the management and workers, have forcefully took control of the processing factories and resumed operations.

The factories of Gurash Tea Estate, Kuwabashi Tea Plantation and Joon Tea Garden were taken into control by the workers on Friday and started tea production from Saturday.

Gopal Tamang, president of All Nepal Trade Unions Federation, a trade union closely affiliated with the Maoists, said the workers have resumed tea production and also started collecting tea leaves from the garden. He said the workers were forced to ‘capture’ the factories after the managements refused to initiate dialogues to end the deadlock and added that the takeover will continue until the managements agree to talk.

The tea estates were closed three weeks back after tea workers started protest programs demanding wage hikes, permanent appointments, and medical insurance, among others. The managements of the tea estates have been refusing to sit for negotiations citing insecurity.

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Maoist Communist Party, Italy: Long live Revolution in Nepal!

Posted by Mike E on August 18, 2008

Kasama will be sharing statements on Nepal made by various Maoist parties around the world. As with everything that appears here, posting a statement does not imply endorsement.

Long live Revolution in Nepal! [Statement by Maoist Communist Party of Italy]
PCm-Italy and Nepal Revolution at the present juncture!

The Maoist Communist Party of Italy [PCm-Italy] supports the Nepalese Revolution.

All the forces of imperialism, reactionaries, reformists and revisionists attack and want the failure of strategy and tactics of the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) but advanced proletarians, the anti-imperialist movements, the youth and women, revolutionary and progressive organizations that have welcomed with enthusiasm the news coming from Nepal, must defend the advances in Nepal before all the attacks from the imperialists and the reactionaries begin.

The application of Marxism-Leninism- Maoism to the concrete reality of Nepal, synthesized by “Prachanda path” is a challenge for all Maoist communist parties in the world and we must take lessons from the advances as well as from the defeats.

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