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Bhattarai: On Communism, Anti-Feudalism and Development

Posted by Mike E on August 25, 2008

2 Responses to “Bhattarai: On Communism, Anti-Feudalism and Development”

  1. Jose M said

    very informative video.

    I think he explains in very clear and simple terms what the (planned) program for Nepal is, while there are many self-described communists and leftists that call these revolutionaries “mensheviks” and worse things.

    Yes, this does need to be understood from the standpoint of development to capitalism, then socialism, then communism. I dont think that when we formulate it, we do it in that simple, mechanical way. Cuz, as you said before (mike), the process of NDR is about developing the capitalist mode of production BUT that within it contains the seeds and elements of socialism (such as the communes, collectives, and possible the hydroelectric project (?)).

    very good video. I only wish there were more (and that Dr.Bhattaria spoke a little more clearly lol).

  2. Anon said

    Awesome video… very cool. Thanks.

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