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Nepal: Maoists Discuss Challenges Ahead

Posted by n3wday on August 25, 2008

This is a lead editorial from the Maoist newspaper Red Star.

Challenges ahead

Congratulations to the first Prime Minister of the Federal Democratic Republic (FDR) of Nepal, Comrade Prachanda! The CPN-Maoist, after more than decade long class struggle, has now the opportunity to lead the government of the FDR of Nepal. According to the mandate of the people, given through the election of the CA, the Maoist has the right to lead the government. The largest party in the CA is now going to lead the new government formed according to the mandate of the people. Before this, there was disharmony between the concept of new Nepal and the leadership. A federal republic had been declared, but the actual leader of the new Nepal was out of power; the same old status quo leadership was in the government.

The people of the country have seen a beautiful dream come true with the declaration of republic. They are waiting for their dream to be implemented. On the one hand, people are waiting hopefully; on the other hand, the anti-people elements and the reactionaries are trying to create problems. The real fight for institutionalizing the Federal Republic has begun. The CPN-Maoist has already declared its immediate as well as strategic plans and programme in its election manifesto as a commitment paper. Although the CPN-Maoist has promised to institutionalize the FDR through restructuring the entire state and socio-economic transformation, this is a very difficult task to implement in practice. Furthermore, the CPN-Maoist is in a minority even though it has won a two-thirds majority, arithmetically, in the election of Prime Minister. In this situation, the CPN-Maoist will have to face challenges and obstacles at every step in the implementation of the minimum programme of ordinary social reforms.

For the Maoist government, it will be very difficult to work together in alliance with the revisionist CPN-UML, and the right opportunist Madheshi Janadhikar Forum. Moreover, to transform the administrative mechanism of the old state will be a big hurdle for the new government. It depends on the efforts of the CPN-Maoist, its initiative to make the people conscious, to consolidate its organizations, and mobilize them in institutionalizing the FDR. The question of the integration of the army is a very serious and difficult issue. The Nepal Army (NA) has always been against the people and progress. But, the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has successfully taken the people to victory over the monarchy. We doubt whether the Nepal Army will be ready to accept the integration of PLA so easily. This will be a most risky task for the new government.

Historically, after the Sugauli Treaty of 1950, Nepalese governments have refused to challenge Indian supremacy. This will be very difficult for the Maoist government to break. The mandate of the Nepalese people, through the CA election, demands regulation and control of borders; an end to Gorkha recruitment and the creation of alternative employment; and a review all the unequal treaties-to make new treaties based on the five principles. The Maoist government should finish off all the old feudal structures, the old culture and values, and establish a new Federal Democratic norms and values to replace the old feudal norms and values. The people are waiting for a historic change. And, the biggest challenge facing Maoist is to take peace process to its logical conclusion.

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