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Nepal: Second position going to the UML

Posted by n3wday on August 26, 2008

This article appeared on eKantipur.Com.

Maoists giving second position to UML: Gajurel

Kantipur Report

KATHMANDU, Aug 25 – Senior Maoist leader CP Gajurel on Monday said that there is no seniority dispute in the government and the Maoists are ready to give the second hierarchal position to the UML.

Speaking at a programme organised by the Reporters’ Club in the capital, Gajurel said that the Maoists are aware of the fact that the government cannot run without the UML. Moreover, he said that UML showed political mediocrity by not joining the government for not getting the second position in the cabinet.

The Maoist think tank alleged both the Maoists and the UML of making mistake by drawing in a row over the ministerial hierarchy. “Politics is turning pathetic and this is a matter of serious concern,” he added.

Another speaker of the programme CPN-UML Standing Committee Member Pradeep Nepal said that his party ruled out the possibility of UML joining the government even if the hierarchal dispute in the cabinet winds up.

Stating that the Maoists have always betrayed the UML, he said his party should not join the Maoist-led government in any terms and condition.

Nepal said that he will launch a campaign within the party to create a pressure on the UML to not join the present government.

Nepal said that the Maoists are likely to torment the UML nominees if they join the government. “The Maoists have been breaching the agreements time and again. That is why the UML shall not tolerate it further,” he added.

2 Responses to “Nepal: Second position going to the UML”

  1. Jose M said

    Wait, wait, wait:

    so the UML is not going to join the new republic? What? Aren’t they the main political ally of the maoists at this point?

    what can this mean for the maoists and the overall revolutionary process?

  2. arthur said

    The UMLs are direct competitors rather than main allies of the Maoists and are more closely allied with the Congress (who the Maoists also invited to join the coalition).

    What it means is that UML Standing Committee Pradeep Nepal is pathetic.

    BTW There is a more interesting emerging split in UML (and another in MJF) from factions discontented with their parties selection of Ministers (ie not including those factions).

    None of this stuff is central to the overall revolutionary process. Like Cde Gajurel said, its just being pathetic.

    I think there will be lots more “shouting” but fundamentally the choices the other parties have are to join in coalition with the Maoists or to remain in opposition. They have already proved that they cannot govern without the Maoists and they cannot defeat them in civil war so they have already made their choice between letting the Maoists govern and resuming the civil war. So the permutations and rearrangements aren’t that fundamental.

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