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Nepal: Cabinet expansion put off

Posted by n3wday on August 30, 2008

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Cabinet expansion put off

Kantipur Report

KATHMANDU, Aug 29 – The extension of the new cabinet which was said to be taking place on Friday has been suspended after the Maoists and other small parties failed to pick up the names of nominees from their sides.

The CPN-Maoist secretariat meeting that took place in the prime minister’s official residence at Baluwatar today could not decide the five more faces to be joining the cabinet.

Emerging from the Baluwatar meeting, Maoist leader Krishna Bahadur Mahara said that the party failed to decide on the ministerial nominees due to internal reasons.

Saying that the party has entrusted the prime minister for the selection of new ministers. Mahara said that voices for inclusiveness have been raised. “We will take into consideration the regional, ethnic and gender issues this time and the expansion will be inclusive,” he added.

Another senior Maoist leader Mohan Baidya said that there was no controversy in the party about tendering the second largest post to the UML.

Likewise, Mahara also informed that the prime minister will later decide the hierarchy of ministers after the extension and denied that the finance minister was unhappy at the decision to give the second position in the cabinet to the UML.

Meanwhile, other small parties too could not put forward their nominees who would be joining the government.

Earlier the UML had decided to send its ministerial nominees to take the oath of office and secrecy when the CPN-Maoist agreed to give the second largest post after the prime minister to the UML home minister-designate Bamdev Gautam.

2 Responses to “Nepal: Cabinet expansion put off”

  1. arthur said

    The new ministers from the CPN-M are Pampha Bhusal for General Administration, Hisila Yami for Tourism and Civil Aviation, Lekh Raj Bhatta for Labor and Transport, Gopal Kiranti for Culture and State Restructuring, Matrika Yadav for Land Reform and Management, Janardan Sharma Prabhakar for Peace and Reconstruction.

    The new ministers from the CPN-UML are Bamdev Gautam for Home minister, Bishnu Paudel for Water Resources, Kiran Gurung for Forest and Soil Conservation, Gopal Shakya for Youth and Sports and Ram Chandra Jha for Local Development and Asta Laxmi Shakya for Industry.

    Moreover, Giriraj Mani Pokhrel of the People’s Front Nepal is to lead the Ministry for Health and Population, and Rajendra Mahato of the Sadbhawana Party has been nominated for Commerce and Supplies Ministry, while Ganesh Sah from the Communist Party of Nepal (United) looks after Science, Environment and Technology.

    What’s more, Home minister Bamdev Gautam from CPN-UML became deputy prime minister with his hierarchy in the cabinet after Prime Minister Prachanda.

    Previous reports said that Finance Minister Baburam Bhattarai from CPN-M and Foreign Affairs Minister Upendra Yadav would both be nominated as deputy prime ministers. However, it did not happen.

    Also on Sunday afternoon before the oath-taking, the cabinet meeting decided to form three new ministries: the Ministry of Commerce and Supplies, the Ministry of Youth and Sports, and the Ministry of Culture and State Reformation.

    The cabinet has also decided to change the name of Ministry of Law and Parliamentary Affairs to the Ministry of Law and Constituent Assembly.

  2. It is good to know that Nepal is turning into new leaf but there are still more undesirable road blocks ahead. The newest formation of Nepalese political shape was the hope and dream of entire population and hopefully bring new changes in the country and the new leaders sincerely fulfill their duties and responsibilities at desired degree. But if the current leaders fail to satisfy the people then the country may fall into triangle dimension such as (1) the country may fall into Military hand (2) or may go into civil war (3) or may fall into undesired leaders. To aviod undesired circumstances, the present leaders are to be very cautious and careful with 3 strong elements affecting the spririt of new beginning Nepal. The delayed concept of Ministerial reformation appears inviting more disorders in the country. For the forthcoming Ministerial reorganisation, all ethnic tribal people should be given equal chance to represent their seat in the parliament particularly at Ministerial cabinet so that each tribal group leaders may improve their internal ethnic problem on their own way at unit level. Peace and security are the first priority requirement in the country. There are boundless things to be considered, in fact. If careful attention is not given even for trivial causes, the country may go into more violence and disorders. At present, it seems that the forthcoming government may find severe diffuculties in solving Maoists problems and ethnic demand of federal autonomy promised by the rebel leaders and the question of “wan” may remain unanswerable.

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