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India: Even In Flood, Untouchables are Last Rescued

Posted by Mike E on September 3, 2008

In the imperialist homeland, the Katrina flood revealed the heartlessness and racism of the ruling elite. Now the intense floods in India’s impoverished Bihar, bring a similar wave of suffering, exposure and anger. Thanks to Shiva Shankar who send Kasama this article for posting.

By Gavin Rabinowitz, **Associated Press, *02 September, 2008,

TRIVENIGANJ, India *- In the two weeks since a monsoon-swollen river burst its banks, ancient prejudices have run just as deep as the floodwaters. India’s “untouchables” are the last to be rescued – if at all – from a deluge that has killed dozens and made 1.2 million homeless.

Dalits, the social outcasts at the bottom of the Hindu caste ladder, have borne the brunt of the devastation as the rampaging Kosi River* swamped hundreds of square miles in northern India after it overflowed and shifted its course dozens of miles to the east.

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