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Prachanda Leaves Nepal for U.S.

Posted by Mike E on September 20, 2008

Prachanda (aka Pushpa Kamal Dahal)

originally from Nepal News

In his third foreign visit since he became prime minister, Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ is set to leave for the United States on Saturday to attend the general assembly of the United Nations in New York.

“I am leaving for the US visit where I will address the general assembly. I have also just received an invitation to attend a reception to be hosted there by the US president George Bush,” PM Dahal said while addressing the Constituent Assembly on Friday night.

This will be a landmark visit for the prime minister who is the chairman of the CPN-Maoists that is labeled as a terrorist organisation by the American government.

It was only after his party won largest number of seats in the Constituent Assembly elections in April that the American officials finally started meeting with him.

In New York, PM Dahal will also attend programmes organised by The Asia Society and India China Institute, according to reports. sd Sep 20 08

3 Responses to “Prachanda Leaves Nepal for U.S.”

  1. comradealastair said

    Prachanda isn’t Chairman of the CPN (M) anymore, he resigned from that post. The new Chariman is a man called Kiran.

  2. Mike E said

    Thanks for this correction. I removed his previous title of Chairman from the title of this post.

  3. arthur said

    “Title” is Prachanda.

    Current edition (15) of Red Star <a href=””<says:

    The party has newly divided its responsibilities among the secretariat members. According to the decision, Mohan Baidhya ‘Kiran’ is now the in-charge of the party organization bureau, Post Bahadur Bogati ‘Diwakar’ is the in charge for the parliament-legislature bureau, Barshaman Pun ‘Ananta’ is the in charge of the military bureau and Nanda Kishor Pun ‘Pasang’, the commander in-chief of the People’s Liberation Army.

    The party has taken these new decisions for handling and addressing the proper management of all the problems. This meeting addressed the preparation of the forthcoming central committee meeting.

    Prachanda is still party leader and has only resigned as cincPLA.

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