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Nepal: Yadav suggests peasants seize more land!

Posted by n3wday on September 30, 2008

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Matrika hails land seizure, suggests squatters to capture more

Kantipur Report

BARA, Sept 24 – Maoist leader Matrika Yadav on Wednesday suggested the landless squatters to seize land from what he called ‘tyrants’ and build homes and huts.

Speaking at a programme organised at Simara in Bara district today, Yadav said that he is ready to strike back those who try to get in the way of building huts in the captured land.

The firebrand Maoist leader, who resigned from the post of land reform minister over the land seizure controversy in Sarlahi following his party’s directive to publicly apologise, floated his plans to take over lands of ‘tyrants’ and former royalties and distribute it to landless people.

Moreover, Yadav thanked a squatter who captured land owned by former Princess Shanti Singh at Punaraha in Bara district and hailed those involved in the land seizure.

He also claimed that the leadership he undertook while capturing private land in Siraha district was not the because of any outrage.

Meanwhile, Yadav dismissed the rumours that he was leaving the CPN-Maoist and planning to join, or forming an armed outfit in the Terai and said that they are baseless.

Expressing his concerns over the news published in a daily printed from Birgunj, Yadav said that he would stay within his party even if the party decided to take action against him.

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