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Prachanda: A Maoist Vision for a New Nepal (text)

Posted by Rosa Harris on October 1, 2008

Prachanda (left) at New School (Photo by Zelig of Kasama/Philadelphia)

Prachanda (left) at New School (Photo by Zelig of Kasama/Philadelphia)

This is a transcription by Kasama of  speech was given by Prachanda at the New School University in NYC on September 26, 2008.  The audio and video recording of this talk are also available

First of all I would like to thank the New School University and each of the [inaudible] who have joined hands together to [inaudible] this program. It is a distinct honor for me to share my views here today with you all.

Today Nepal is standing at a historical juncture. Between the past characterized by a feudalist culture, oppressive country, poverty and stagnation–and a future that is filled with optimism, excitement, and opportunities for a peaceful and democratic, prosperous and inclusive nation. The people of Nepal have made great sacrifices in the struggle to arrive at this juncture. Following the People’s War, subsequent agreement with the political parties and the success of the [inaudible], Nepal has really entered into a new era, with a complete break from the traditional past.

When we look at what we have achieved in the last few years, it is indeed breathtaking, for it is with speed and smoothness with which we have brought this historic change in the country. Declaration of the Republic election to the most representative Constituent Assembly and the leadership of my party in the coalition government to write a new Constitution are indeed seen with positive implications in the light of the nation. In the assembly today, we had we had the most inclusive representation of janajati, indigenous people, dalit, Madhesi, and people from marginalized groups and disadvantaged regions. Women constitute nearly a third of the members, making Nepal one of the most gender sensitive assemblies in the world. 

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Potential Threats To the Nepali Maoists

Posted by irisbright on October 1, 2008

The Indian Province of Bihar

Map of Bihar, in India across the southern border of Nepal

Signs of counterrevolutionary forces coagulating in Nepal and India.

Armed Terai groups meet in India’s Bihar to discuss possible alliance

Leaders of over a dozen armed outfits operating in the Terai plains have met in the bordering Indian state of Bihar in a bid to forge an alliance which, if materialised, might spell intensification of violence in the region.

According to Naya Patrika daily, leaders of 14 armed groups including Janatantrik Terai Mukti Morcha (JTMM) of Jaya Krishna Goit, Madhesi Tigers, Terai Madhesh Mukti Tigers, Terai Liberation Force and Terai Cobra are participating in the meeting that began from Friday evening. The meeting was finalised after a long homework.

However, JTMM’s breakaway faction, which is led by Jwala Singh and goes by the same name, is not participating in the meeting.

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