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New Nepal: Red or White?

Posted by Mike E on October 3, 2008

This article is by a previously unknown author and it appeared outside Nepal on a new blog Ujyalonepal. Kasama posts it here because the issues raised are important, but as always this posting does not imply endorsement of either the analysis or the factual details reported. [Thanks to Ka Frank for suggesting this article.]

Red Nepal Turns White Ephemerally

by Ratna Prabhat

The hopes and aspirations created by the decade long people’s war between the holder of the old regressive regime and the aspirants of the new progressive state power had generated tremendous energy that heralded the beginning of a new era. The consciously designed course of socio-political change was vivid. The people not only could see it but also could sense, hear and touch. That was seen in human relationships, class relationships and community relationships. The production processes also had been influenced including the roles of the productive forces. The process of political empowerment had initiated all powerful attempts that could lead to human emancipation. The tempest of forward march was seen all over Nepal, particularly in its rural areas. Every next day, it was uniquely different than the previous day. There was all pervading anticipation that tomorrow would be markedly different than today. After the People’s Movement II, the momentum some how got obstructed. The tempest of change started to pass through the process of “go slow” and ultimately it was surpassed by the arrangements of real politicking such as power sharing, coalition formations and adjustments between the forces of change and the forces of status quo.

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Nepal: On the development question

Posted by n3wday on October 3, 2008

This article appeared in the Red Star.

Ambitious plans for nation building

– Dipak Sapkota

The first government of the Republic of Nepal is now set to implement its ambitious policies and programs after they are passed by the legislature parliament. The implementation of the policies and programs and its results will not only determine the future of Nepal but will play a vital role for the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist),who is now leading the government.

The government presented its policies and programs in less than a month after the Maoist Chairman was elected as the Prime Minister. President Dr. Ram Baran Yadav read it out in the Constituent Assembly meeting on 10 September. Despite the amendment proposal floated by various parties, including the Nepali Congress, the Legislature-Parliament endorsed it with overwhelming majority.

The document had stated that the major responsibility of the government is to guide the socio-economic transformation process toward a progressive direction by taking the peace-process to a logical end:

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Kul Chandra Gautam at Prachanda’s New School Event

Posted by Rosa Harris on October 3, 2008

This is a transcription by Kasama of the remarks by Professor Arato at the event at the New School in New York where Nepali revolutionary leader Prachanda spoke. It is based on audio of Kul Charandra Gautam’s comments. 

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