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Nepal: People’s Republic or Federal Democratic Republic?

Posted by n3wday on October 12, 2008

This article was published by the Nepali Times.

National convention

Dewan Rai

The Maoists central committee meeting ends with the decision to hold a national convention. The convention will decide the people’s republic vs federal democratic republic debate.
The Tuesday central committee meeting ended with the decision to hold the national conference on November 6-9. The Maoists spokesperson Krishna Bahadur Mahara said the meeting was deferred due to Dashain and Tihar. “It has nothing to do with the debate. Now, the national conference will decide party’s future action plans and strategies,” he said.

As the majority of central committee members are in favour of people’s republic, they wanted the issue to be finalised in the meeting itself. But party chairman and PM Pushpa Kamal Dahal pressed to hold a national conference to decide on the issue.
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