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Nepal’s Bastola: On Election Tactics and Ongoing Class War

Posted by n3wday on October 13, 2008

 World Peoples Resistance Movement (Britain) interviewd  Bastola, a  member of the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) central committee. June 2008. This interview was published on the Maoist Revolution e-list.

“Now if the Maoist Party gives up these three: the army, land reform, economic restructuring, the other parties have no problem to let the Maoists form a government taking the posts of the President, the Prime Minister and even ministries of the entire. So, this is a very serious and dangerous phase of class struggle, class war basically. “

“…at this stage, the revolution has not achieved its goals yet, though there had been ten years of People’s War. Within the process of the People’s War here had been ten years of armed struggle and now this process has been interrupted. Yesterday there was a process of armed struggle, today there is a process of dialogue. The latter is more dangerous than the former.”
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